Valheim Bed Needs Fire - How to Sleep in Valheim

Bed needs a nearby fire in Valheim is a message that you will encounter in the game if you try to sleep without having a fire near. So, what you need to do is have your bed near fire. So, naturally, you have to figure out how to light a fire in Valheim, and then how to sleep. It’s a bit of a process with several potential stumbling blocks. We’ll break the whole process down for you in our Valheim Bed Needs Fire – How to Sleep in Valheim guide.

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valheim bed needs fire how to sleep in valheim
Valheim Bed Needs Fire – How to Sleep in Valheim

How to Light Fire in Valheim

To light a fire in Valheim, the easiest way is to place down a campfire. All you need is five Stone and two Wood to start, and then you can keep feeding it Wood as long as you want. Mind you, only things like campfires, bonfires and hearths count towards the Valhiem bed needs fire sleep requirement; torches won’t work, as useful as they may be otherwise. Just keep in mind that all three fires we’ve just mentioned need to be on either stone or dirt; wood floors won’t cut it. Plus, if you have your bed near fire in Valheim, you need to have some way of letting the smoke escape. If you want more detailed info, you can check out our Fire in House – How to Light Fire Indoors guide. If you’re fire keeps dying, head over to our Valheim Fire Going Out guide.

Bed Needs a Nearby Fire

Bed needs a nearby fire in Valheim is a requirement you have to meet in order to sleep, save your game, skip to next morning, and get the full benefits of the Rested buff. Yes, you can get the buff just by chilling by a fire in an enclosed space, but the bed is the better option when possible, because, again, it saves the game.

All that this means is that you need a fire near your bed in Valheim. A proper fire, not just a measly torch. As we’ve explained in the “how to light fire in Valheim” section above, it needs to be at least a campfire, and the bed needs to be within its sphere of influence. Since it is a sphere, the bed can technically be above the fire (or below, if you’re roleplaying mole-people); as long as it’s in the sphere, you’re good to go.

How to Sleep in Valheim

To sleep in Valheim, once you meet the “bed Nneeds fire” requirement, there are several more items to get off the checklist. It needs to be either the evening or night, for one. There can’t be any enemies nearby, and the bed needs to be sheltered (and claimed by you). Lastly, you can’t be wet; stand next to the fire for a while to dry off if you’ve been swimming recently.

If you meet all the requirements – you know how to light a fire in Valheim and the bed is near fire – all that’s left to do is interact with the bed, and you’ll wake up in the morning, fully rested. That’s all there is to it. The rest buff lasts for a limited time that depends on your comfort level.

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