Valheim Emotes & Chat Commands

Chat commands and emotes in Valheim let you communicate in different ways with other people in the server. This is pretty necessary to do, in case you’re playing with people without using Discord or something else to talk. That’s to say nothing about roleplaying and whatnot. So, how does one use the chat commands? How do you do the emotes? Well, we’ll be showing you just that in our Valheim Emotes & Chat Commands guide.

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valheim emotes & chat commands
Valheim Emotes & Chat Commands

Emotes & Chat Commands in Valheim – How to Use?

Using chat commands and emotes in Valheim requires you to type the appropriate commands in the console. Those of you that have any experience with similar games probably already know how this works, but for the newer people, let’s get into more details. When it comes to chat options, Valheim lets you either shout or whisper. Here’s how that works.

  • /s (then type what you want to say) – You shout in the chat, which means everyone across the server will see your message.
  • /w (then type what you want to say) – You whisper in the chat, which means only those close to you will see your message.

As for Valheim emotes, you initiate them by typing /emote in the console, and then which emote you want to use. These include sit, wave, challenge, cheer, nonono, thumbsup, and point. So, first type /emote, and then one of the additional commands, depending on which emote you want to perform.

So, those are the Valheim emotes and chat commands. Of course, there are a number of other fun cheats and other stuff that you can use, the majority of which we’ve written down in our Valheim Console Commands guide. Here are two more that could come in handy, on the house.

  • /killme – Lets you basically off yourself and respawn; pretty useful if you get stuck somewhere or the like.
  • /resetspawn – Lets you reset your spawn point, for whatever reason you might need that.

That’s all we’ve got for this one. If you have any commands that you like to use in particular, share them with everyone in the comments. If you’re having trouble with anything else, check out some of our other Valheim guides, such as How to Enable Vulkan API and Join IP Not Working.

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