Valheim Cartography Table - How to Get & Use

Figuring out how to get and use the Valheim cartography table is going to be a huge asset for you. The new feature added in the Hearth and Home update lets you record all of your discoveries and share them with others. Sure, you do have to craft the table, as is the case with everything in Valheim. However, this piece of furniture is actually relatively easy to make, which is a huge plus. So, let’s not dilly-dally any longer; let’s see how to get and use the Valheim cartography table.

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valheim cartography table how to get & use
Valheim Cartography Table – How to Get & Use

How to Get Cartography Table in Valheim

To get the Valheim cartography table, you’re going to need to gather the five ingredients in the amounts listed below. None of these are much of a problem, all things considered. Leather drops from boars, and raspberries grow in the Meadows. Bone fragments come from skeletons, which you can find aplenty in the Black Forest, As for fine wood, you obtain it by chopping down oak and birch trees, for which you’ll need a Bronze Axe, minimum. Lastly, if you need help figuring out how to get Bronze, just click on the link in the list.

  • Bronze x2
  • Raspberries x4
  • Leather scraps x5
  • Bone fragments x10
  • Fine wood x10

After you’ve gathered everything you need, you can build the cartography table using a level 1 workbench. Select the hammer and look under Misc to find it, then craft it as you would any other piece of furniture. So, what exactly is this table for? Well…

How to Use Cartography Table in Valheim

To use the cartography table in Valheim, approach it. You’ll note that it has two options when you attempt to interact with it, “Record discoveries” and “Read map.” The first option basically fills in the map with everything you have discovered so far, including markers, notes, and the like. The latter allows you to make a copy of the map that’s already on the table onto your map. In other words, the cartography table allows you to share your map with anyone else currently playing on the server. It’s a fantastic quality-of-life feature that is going to make playing with friends much more fun while still keeping with the game’s in-universe logic. I love it.

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