How to Ride Lox - Valheim

The new Valheim Hearth & Home update is now live, and one of the things you can now do in the game is to ride a lox. Of course, this being Valheim, this is easier said than done. For one, the Lox is one of the most difficult animals to tame in the game (you can read more about this process in our How to Tame Boars, Wolves, and Lox guide). There are other difficulties in getting to ride them as well, but in this How to Ride Lox – Valheim guide, we will explain what you need to do in order to mount and ride these fearsome beasts.

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How to Ride Lox - Valheim

How to Ride Lox in Valheim

To begin with, you will first need to locate a lox and tame it. This is a problem, since they are extremely strong and difficult to tame. The safest way to do this is to sneak up on them and throw some barley or cloudberries. Repeat this a couple of times until they have been tamed. After you have managed to do this (and it will probably take you a couple of tries, if we’re being realistic here), the next step is to craft a Lox Saddle at your workbench. You can see the complete process for this in our How to Get Lox Saddle guide, but to accomplish this, you will need the following materials: x10 Leather Scraps, x20 Linen thread, and x15 Black Metal.

Naturally, getting these materials is a grueling process in and of itself. We recommend you peruse our How to Make Linen Thread and Black Metal guides for more info. When you have tamed a Lox and crafted a Lox Saddle, all that’s left now is to find the domesticated Lox in question, and you will have a mighty mount that will make traversing the game at least a little bit easier.

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