Chitin Valheim - Where to Find Chitin

Chitin in Valheim is a special crafting material that you can use to make fairly powerful weapons, once you figure out where to find it. The issue with Chitin is that it’s an incredibly rare material, and getting it is an adventure in and off itself. In fact, it requires you to climb on top of an unassuming sea creature and poke at its back, essentially. It’s well-worth the trouble, though, and we’ll show you everything you need to know in our Chitin Valheim – Where to Find Chitin guide.

chitin valheim where to find chitin
Chitin Valheim – Where to Find Chitin

Where to Find Chitin in Valheim

To find Chitin in Valheim, you need to sail across the Ocean biome looking for what seem to be relatively small, randomly-spawning islands. These are not, in fact, actual islands; these are massive sea monsters that some call Krakens and others call Leviathans. Their name isn’t important. What is important is that you need to find Abyssal Barnacles, which grow on the backs of the creatures. They look like gigantic pimples; they’re pretty easy to find. Look for Barnacles that are as close to the edge of the water as possible.

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Park your boat close by, and start mining the Barnacles for Valheim Chitin. We recommend having at least a Valheim Bronze Pickaxe for the job. As soon as you start mining, the creature will start roaring in annoyance. You can keep going a little while longer, but as soon as the roar gets really loud and the “ground” starts shaking really violently, bolt for the ship, and fast. Why? Because the monster will dive back into the deep. It won’t hurt you, but if you find yourself too far from the boat, you’ll drown from lack of stamina.

You’ll need several trips like this to get enough Valheim Chitin to do anything of meaning. Speaking of, you use Chitin to make an Abyssal Knife (20 Chitin, 4 Fine Wood, 2 Leather Scraps) and Abyssal Harpoon (30 Chitin, 8 Fine Wood, 3 Leather Scraps). Both are powerful weapons, but the harpoon is especially important, because it’s indispensable in killing Valheim sea serpents.

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