Valheim Poison Resistance - How to Get & Increase

Poison resistance in Valheim is a buff that you can get in order to reduce the amount of damage you get from poison. There is a number of enemies that can inflict the poison effect on you, which is bad news already, but there’s also a boss that flings poison all over the place, making things even worse. Fortunately, there is an item that you can get to mitigate the worst of it, as long as you’re strategic about it. We’ll tell you all about it in our Valheim Poison Resistance – How to Get & Increase guide.

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valheim poison resistance how to get & increase
Valheim Poison Resistance – How to Get & Increase

How to Get & Increase Poison Resistance in Valheim

To get and increase your poison resistance in Valheim, you have to craft the Poison Resistance Mead. To do that, you first have to craft the Poison Resistance Mead Base. You put all the ingredients into your Cauldron, and then wait for the mead base to cook. Then, you take that base and place it into the Fermenter, and wait about two or so in-game days for it to turn to mead. Here’s the list of ingredients:

  • Honey x10
  • Coal x10
  • Thistle x5
  • Neck Tail x1

When it comes to obtaining the Poison Resistance potion ingredients, you get honey by destroying beehives, from which you can get a queen bee, which allows you to make your own beehives and make more honey. As for Coal, you can either get it by burning food or via the Charcoal Kiln. Thistle grows in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. Lastly, the Neck Tail comes from Necks, who are small, frog-like Valheim creatures that are commonly found near streams in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes.

Once you have the Valheim Poison Resistance mead, you can drink it at any point to fortify yourself against poison. Once you do, you can’t drink another until the effects wear off. The buff lasts about ten minutes. So, if you’re going to an area that has a lot of poison enemies, make sure to have a few bottles in your inventory. This is especially true if you’re fighting the Valheim Bonemass boss.

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