Valheim Crystal Walls - How to Craft

The new Hearth and Home Valheim update has made many changes and brought many new additions to the game, and one of these is a new type of wall that you will be able to craft – made out of Crystal. This Crystal Wall has several unique properties that set it apart from regular walls. Also, getting the crystal material itself is also tricky, and has been completely revamped to how it was before the Hearth and Home update. In our comprehensive Valheim Crystal Walls – How to Craft guide, we will take a look at this new wall type, and explain what you need to do in order to craft it.

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Valheim Crystal Walls - How to Craft

How to Craft Crystal Walls in Valheim

To be able to craft these walls, you will first need to locate some of their crafting components. Namely, crystals. We have an entire Crystals Locations guide devoted entirely to this, so we recommend you give it a read. But to give you a condensed version – to get crystals, you need to defeat Stone Golems. They can only be found in the Mountains biome. Previously, when you defeated these creatures, they would drop just one crystal, but this has been changed and increased, so they now have about eight. Crystals are also needed to craft the powerful new weapon – the Crystal Battleaxe.

After getting some crystals, you will now be able to craft the Crystal Walls themselves. So, make your way back to your house. To craft one of these 1×1 Crystal Walls, you will need the following things: x2 Crystals and a Workbench. The Crystal Walls basically function as glass, meaning that you will be able to create windows. As such, they work a bit differently than other walls. You will not be able to stack them one on top of the other if you do not build a support beam next to them that will frame them and keep them in place. It gets a bit of practice getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to create beautiful transparent walls and windows.

how to craft the crystal wall
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