How to Upgrade Cauldron in Valheim Hearth and Home

If you’re one of the players having trouble figuring out how to upgrade the cauldron in Valheim Hearth and Home, trust and believe you’re not the only one. After all, the items you need to upgrade your cauldron are brand-new, so you might not know how to make them or where to place them. However, it’s worth the trouble, because it will unlock new cooking recipes. So, with all of that said, let’s dive right in.

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how to upgrade cauldron in valheim hearth and home
How to Upgrade Cauldron in Valheim Hearth and Home

How to Upgrade Valheim Cauldron in Hearth and Home

To upgrade your Valheim cauldron in Hearth and Home, you need to build the three different pieces of “furniture” we’ve listed below – a spice rack, a butcher’s table, and pots and pans. We’ll also list all the ingredients you’ll need for each item. Some of them have links which will take you to individual guides showing you how to get that specific material. Just in case you need the extra help. Here we go.

Two things to keep in mind when it comes to how to upgrade the cauldron in Valheim Hearth and Home. The first one is that, in order to craft any of the mentioned items, you will need a workbench nearby. That should come as no surprise. The second thing is that all of them need to be placed near your cauldron. The only potentially tricky part here is the spice rack, as we explain in our Spice Rack Placement guide. Long story short, it needs to hang either off the roof or a horizontal beam. It can be a nuisance, no doubt, but then again, that’s Valheim for you.

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