How To Defend Base in Valheim

Defending your base in Valheim is a necessary evil that you’ll have to get used to. Every so often, a bunch of enemies will attack your Valheim base, and you’ll need to learn how to protect both yourself and all your things. There are a number of steps that you can take even early on to build some kind of base defenses to keep you safe from invaders. We’ll give you some suggestions in our How To Defend Base in Valheim guide.

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how to defend base in valheim
How To Defend Base in Valheim

Valheim Base – How to Defend

To defend the base in Valheim, there’s a number of things that you can do. First of all, consider raising the ground level or building on a hill in order to have the high ground. Next, make sure to build some kind of wall around the perimeter of your home. Remember to leave space for all the extra buildings you’ll need, such as beehives and the smelter and so on. Ideally, you’ll place a stone wall or a stake wall. Keep in mind that your defenses will need repairs after every attack. Never forget that. Also, leave some space between the wall and your buildings; otherwise, the troll AoE attacks can still damage them.

Next up, add more layers to your defenses. Place sharp stakes, and dig a nice, deep moat. Of course, you’ll need some kind of bridge in order to cross it. Another thing that you should consider when it comes to how to defend the base in Valheim is building watch towers. I mean, you might need only one, depending on the size of your compound. Either way, a tower gives you a great vantage point to both spot incoming enemies and rain death upon them via arrows of various kinds.

When it comes to more direct combat with invaders, remember that you can kite trolls away from your base. Of course, this will have to be a concerted effort between you and friends. On top of that, and especially if you’re playing solo, consider having some pet wolves. They can provide invaluable support in the skirmishes. If you have any other suggestions for base defense in Valheim, let us know in the comments!

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