Valheim Needle - How to Unlock Needle Arrows

Needle arrows are the best kind of arrows you can get in Valheim. They do the most damage out of all the available arrows at the moment, but they’re difficult to make. You need parts from a tough enemy in an even tougher biome. If you’re having trouble getting your hands on the crafting recipe or the parts, our Vahleim needle guide will show you how to unlock needle arrows.

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valheim needle how to unlock needle arrows
Valheim Needle – How to Unlock Needle Arrows

How to get needles in Valheim?

Like all the other arrows, the needle arrows have to be crafted. You’ll need to upgrade your workbench to the highest level before you can make them, and you’ll need the appropriate recipe. To unlock the recipe, you just need to gather the ingredients in your inventory.

The ingredients for the needle arrows are feathers, which you can get from seagulls, and needles. Needles come from Deathsquitos, a unique enemy that only appears in the Plains biome. They’re fast, they’re nasty, but they fall easily. You only need one good hit in order to take a Deathsquito out, so just avoid getting stung and whack it over its tiny, bloodsucking head.

Another good way to deal with them is by using ooze bombs. They’re generally not a useful tool, but in this case, they’re perfect. The bombs don’t do a lot of damage, but the mosquitoes don’t have a lot of health either. It’s worth letting one of them approach you, then throwing an ooze bomb at your feet. You’ll take damage as well, but far less than if you risked a sting from the Deathsquito. Plus, the bombs do damage in an area, which means that, with a little practice, you can take out groups of mosquitoes with one bomb. Efficient and cheap (and useless in pretty much any other scenario)!

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