Watch Dogs Legion Car Customization - Change Paint, Skin

Although you’ll mostly steal vehicles in Watch Dogs Legion, some of your operatives will own their own. When they do, you’ll be able to customize their cars with new paintjobs and skins. Paints have to be bought, but there are several skins that are awared as preorder bonus items. When you buy your first paint, you’ll get the Re-Wrap My Whip achievement. This guide will show you how Watch Dogs Legion car customization works, how to change the paint and skin on your vehicle.

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How to customize cars in Watch Dogs Legion?

First off, you need a recruit who owns a car. Open up the team menu, then select them. Press X on PS4 or A on Xbox to edit them, then select the vehicle. Press Triangle (Y on Xbox) to enter the customization menu. From there, you can either buy a paint job, or use one of the skins you’ve received if you preordered the game. Sadly, there are no more customization options for vehicles.

You can customize weapons the same way, by picking them from the operative menu and applying a new skin. There’s a trophy for that too, so if you’re into that kind of thing, you might as well do that.

It remains to be seen how useful the owned cars really are. From what we’ve seen, you’ll make do with stolen vehicles most of the time. It might be useful if the vehicle in question has some special qualities that make it stand out from what is usually found on the road. If it’s just a regular old sedan or coupe, using it instead of the first thing that comes your way might be more hassle than it’s worth.

Still, if you happen to have a car you like, you’ll want to customize its looks.

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