Watch Dogs Legion Golden King Pack, Collectors Preorder Bonus Items, Masks & Operatives

Watch Dogs Legion has several editions you can purchase, and each of them comes with its own set of bonuses. Simply preordering the standard edition grants you the Golden King pack of skins. Getting the ultimate edition also unlocks three prestige operatives and three unique masks. Depending on which edition you bought, you’ll get them at different points in the game. If you’re wondering exactly when and where to look, this guide will show you where to find pre-order bonus items in Watch Dogs Legion.

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watch dogs legion how to get preorder bonus items
Watch Dogs Legion How to Get Pre-order Bonus Items

Where to find Golden King Pack?

The Golden King pack skins you get as a preorder bonus can be applied as soon as you unlock the weapon, clothes and vehicle customizations through story missions. For instance, you’ll get the mask after you first access the DedSec shop vending machine as part of the Restart DedSec misssion, near the beginning of the game. The pistol skins and gold car are likewise unlocked when you get to the part where the game instructs you on their customization.

Where to find masks & prestige operatives?

If you’ve bought the ultimate edition, you’ll get three elite operatives for your crew – a tattoo artist by the name of Gabriel Isa, a professional cosplayer called Harriet Park, and a veteran named Joeri Martens. They’ll help you out in the beginning, making the part where you learn the game much easier. You’ll get them after the boxing tutorial in the Restart DedSec mission. As soon as you leave the ring, you’ll get a notification saying they’ve been added to your team.

You’ll also get three unique masks, along with everything the prestige operatives are wearing – their jackets, headwear and all. You’ll be able to use it on any of the characters from then on.

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