Watch Dogs Legion Crashing on PC, Low FPS

Watch Dogs Legion performance on PC has been relatively poor, according to many players, including low FPS and crashing on PC. Sometimes it’ll run great, but it’ll crash. Or it won’t crash, but run at a low framerate. For those that are truly unlucky, both can happen. So, in our Watch Dogs Legion Crashing on PC, Low FPS article, we’re going to discuss the situation.

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watch dogs legion crashing on pc
Watch Dogs Legion Crashing on PC, Low FPS

PC Crash Bug & Low FPS – Watch Dogs Legion Performance

The PC version of Watch Dogs Legion seems to have the a serious problems with performance, including crashing and low framerates. The crashing is similar to the 404 mission on Xbox; however, the difference here is that this isn’t a glitch that’s connected to a specific mission or anything like that. Rather, it seems to be an issue with the drivers of your graphics card. See, NVIDIA hasn’t released any new drivers, and that’s what might be causing the game to go on the fritz. Either way, the devs are aware of the issue, and are presumably working on fixing it as soon as possible.

As for the poor FPS and overall shoddy performance, we really don’t have much to say in terms of helping you. That’s presumably just due to very poor optimization. That’s entirely up to the developers. I assume that the plan is for the patch that’s coming out on November 30th to tie up some of the loose ends. Until then, I really don’t know what you can do. If you have any solutions, share them with us in the comments below. I’m sure many people are going to be grateful for any info.

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