Watch Dogs Legion Server Offline Epic Games

The Epic Games servers for Watch Dogs Legion are still apparently offline in certain areas, and people are wondering what the actual release times are on that platform. As it turns out, the Epic Games Watch Dogs Legion release time is actually different from what they originally said. Even taking that into account, there’s still problems. We’ll try to clear things out in our Watch Dogs Legion Server Offline Epic Games guide.

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watch dogs legion server offline epic games
Watch Dogs Legion Server Offline Epic Games

Watch Dogs Legion Epic Games Release Time – Servers Offline

The Watch Dogs Legion Epic release times are actually different from what was originally announced. According to a forum post from UbiJurassic, Ubisoft’s community manager, this is due to an “internal communication error.” The actual launch date and time is October 29th, at 3PM UTC. That translates to different times across the world, so please consult the image below to see the exact launch hour for your zone. How a severe miscommunication like this can occur, I couldn’t tell you for certain.

epic games watch dogs legion release time
Watch Dogs Legion Epic Games release time (click to enlarge)

The problems don’t end there, unfortunately. Judging by the comments left by users, the game still isn’t live in certain areas, even though it’s supposed to be. There has been no official answer to that problem that I’m aware of. So, what is one to do with this mess? Well, the best advice we can give you is to refund your copy on the Epic Store and re-purchase it via Ubisoft. It’s not exactly the most pleasant of solutions, I agree. However, it’s the only one we’ve got. If you have a different solution, go ahead and leave a comment below.

Unfortunately, that’s all we got when it comes to Watch Dogs Legion release times on Epic Games and the servers being offline. However, we do also have a whole bunch of other guides for you to check out. For example, we’ve written Stuck “Logging In As” At Startup Screen – PC Uplay Ubisoft Connect Bug Fix, Dismiss Recruits – Remove Operatives Without Permanent Death, and more.

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