Watch Dogs Legion Video Game Designer Location - Meta-Gaming Trophy

Video game designer in Watch Dogs Legion is a type of recruit you can get in the game, and doing so unlocks the Meta-Gaming trophy / achievement. Of course, the main problem here is where to find a video game designer. Recruiting it is just a matter of doing them a favor. So, in our Watch Dogs Legion Video Game Designer Location – Meta-Gaming Trophy, we’re going to show you some places where they tend to appear more often.

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watch dogs legion video game designer location meta-gaming trophy
Watch Dogs Legion Video Game Designer Location – Meta-Gaming Trophy

Where to Find Video Game Designer for Watch Dogs Legion Meta-Gaming Trophy

To find a video game designer and get the Meta-Gaming trophy in Watch Dogs Legion, you’re probably best off looking in Southwark. While it seems that NPCs are at least somewhat procedurally-generated, there do seem to be some “rules.” Specifically, certain jobs seem to spawn more often in some regions. Video game designers, as far as we can tell, have a preference for Southwark. We can say this with a degree of certainty, because we found a video game designer in that borough in two different sessions. Take that for what you will.

If you have Deep Profiler unlocked as a skill, you can do an analysis of them to find out their daily routines. This can help you find them again if you don’t want to approach and recruit them a when you first run into them. Yes, it’s cyber-stalking, but it’s for a good cause! Speaking of, you can also use Deep Profiler on your regular recruits and see whether they are associated with any game designers. Use that as a springboard. Either way you do it, recruit the video game designer as you would anyone else. When you do that, you’ll get the Meta-Gaming achievement.

So, that’s what we have when it comes to the video game designer location in Watch Dogs Legion and how to get the related trophy. If you know of any other ways, feel free to let us know in the comments. Also, you can check out some of our other guides, such as Watch Dogs Legion Pig Mask, Piccadilly Circus Propaganda Puzzle in Westminster, and Living Statue Location – You Don’t See Me – Statue Emote.

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