Ubisoft Connect Activation Code for Epic Games Store - Watch Dogs Legion

Many people have bought Watch Dogs Legion through Epic Games Store. Those who did still have to install Uplay, and the game requires both clients to be up when starting it. That’s not the worst part of it, though – a number of folks have been unable to play at all. They’re faced with a message asking for a Watch Dogs Legion Ubisoft Connect activation code for Epic Games Store, which they have no idea where to find. If you’re having trouble trying to link Ubisoft to Epic Games, this guide will help you fix the issue.

ubisoft connect activation code for epic games store watch dogs legion
Ubisoft Connect Activation Code for Epic Games Store – Watch Dogs Legion

Where to find activation code?

In order to find the activation code, launch Uplay on its own, then go to Watch Dogs Legion and hit the Show Key button. That’s the activation code you need to enter on EGS. If you get a new message, saying that this code is already activated on this account, you could try deleting the game and installing it through Uplay. We’ve seen a lot of reports saying that solved it.

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Locate installed game not working

Some have tried to avoid downloading the game again by using the Locate Installed Game feature from the Ubisoft launcher. Sadly, this does not seem to work – the client doesn’t recognize the EGS version, probably due to a slight difference stemming from being on different clients.

If entering the key and redownloading the game through Uplay don’t work, there’s not much more you can do. You will just have to wait for the developers to fix the issue. It’s far from the only one, but it’s definitely among the most egregious ones, like the constant crashing in the PC version or overheating the console to the point where it shuts down on Xbox.

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  1. D
    David Denmore

    Hey, I just wanted to provide you with a solution for the folks who don’t want to download the file again. It requires a little directory management, but the solution works. What users need to do is locate the install from their Epic store installation. It is normally in program files (x86) under epic games. In this folder, they need to rename WatchDogsLegion to Watch Dogs Legion. Then they need to launch the Uplay launcher and select “Download” the game. When it gives them the option to select the download directory, they want to locate the Epic Games folder where the Watch Dogs Legion folder resides. Once they do that, go through the install. The Uplay launcher will detect the installed files, update the one file it needs to update, and you’ll be able to launch once it completes. No large download required. I hope this helps folks!

    1. M
      Mikkel Hammer

      Love you <3

    2. G
      Game The

      Thanks For the help really appreciate it.

  2. P

    Thanks a lot for that.
    But here’s what i am going to do : Ask for a Epic refund and buy the game directly from Uplay.
    This is maddening

    1. J

      Agree in this day and age this should not be happening. Utter disgrace.

  3. P

    Thank you for the help! I am once again, just disappointed and downright pissed off at Ubisoft for screwing something up again. How freaking hard is it for you guys to test this shit before launching it. I mean come on, use your brains and stop being stupid Ubisoft.

  4. D

    It helps to completely stop both Uplay (Ubisoft connect), and epic Games launcher and then reopen epic Games. The game automatically signed me into my Uplay account upon launching the game.

  5. P

    Hey just so you guys know the Solution is SUPER SIMPLE… Close out of Uplay and Epic games Launcher after Downloading on Epic Games, And then RE Open Epic Games. Fixed!

  6. A

    Just a quick note for others with this issue – when i checked uplay the game wasnt there.

    Restarted my PC though and epic changed from ‘launch’ to ‘ubisoft login required’. Standard login in another window flow and then the game worked fine, no asking for a key or anything. Always restart after installs, especially with ubi nonsense!

  7. A
    Andy Chiang

    you sir are a hero, not all heros wear capes

  8. I

    so I downloaded far cry 2 for my pc on the epic games store and before I could even start playing it asked for a code and I’m not able to check the Ubisoft page because it doesn’t recognize that I own it because I haven’t played it any one know what to do

    1. I

      next time ill read the whole thing

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