A Frying Pan, Spick And Span


A Frying Pan, Spick and Span secondary quest will have you searching for an old woman’s lost frying pan.

Key Facts

Location:White Orchard
Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Old Woman

Additional Info

Talk to the old woman on the shore of the river.
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She will mutter something about never again lending anything to strangers. She had lent her prized frying pan to someone, and it is now stuck inside the locked hut. You will have to go fetch it for her.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Break into the locked hut.

Use your Aard sign to smash the door of the hut.

You can also smash the door before speaking to her, which will draw her attention. It is also possible to refuse to help her in the dialogue, then go into the hut and help her anyway.

Search the hut and find out what happened there.

You will find a corpse inside the hut, so use your Witcher Senses and examine it – you will find that the corpse’s throat was garroted.

The frying pan is safe on the lower shelf next to the "stove". It has been scrubbed clean by someone who needed the soot for making ink.

There are also papers revealing that someone was waiting for a contact to come, but he never did.

Return the frying pan to the old woman.

Go outside and talk to the old woman to return the prized pan to her.
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