Twisted Firestarter


Twisted Firestarter is one of the first Side Quests in the game. Blacksmith Willis’ forge has been burned down and you have to find the culprit.
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Key Facts

Location:White Orchard
Category:Side Quest
  • 25XP for finding the arsonist
  • 50XP and 20 Crowns for either choice

Quest Text

There were only a handful of nonhumans in White Orchard. One of them was the dwarf Willis, an excellent blacksmith whose wares attracted peasants from far and wide. Sadly, his forge had burned to the ground shortly before Geralt arrived. Willis suspected the fire had been started deliberately and asked the witcher to investigate this alleged arson.

Starting NPC


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Use your Witcher Senses to look behind the forge for clues about the arsonist.

Go behind the burned down forge and turn on your Witcher senses to find footsteps a bit southeast of the house.

Tracks are visible as you use Witcher’s Senses

map location of where the tracks start

Follow the trail using your Witcher Senses.

As you examine the steps you will get the next objective. Keep following the tracks until they end at the river.

As you follow the steps you’ll notice signs of drunk behavior.

You get lucky because the culprit seems to have had some trouble.

map above shows exact location of where new tracks can be found along with several clues you can inspect to continue the quest.

Look for someone with wounds dealt by drowners using your Witcher Senses.

Following the blood trail you’ll end up in a house in the village.

Talk to the suspect.

Napp is your suspect and he’s in the back of the house. You can resolve this situation in several ways. You will get 25XP at first and reward for either choice amounts to same. IT only depends what you are comfortable with, because if you turn in the culprit he will be hanged by the Nilfgardians, and you get access to dwarf’s wares and improved forge.
Choice 1

No chance. You’re coming with me

You can resolve the conflict two ways.
Choice 1

Try me.

This will start a new objective – defeat the arsonist in a fist fight. You will have to fight Napp. You get 50XP and 20 Crowns from the dwarf as reward
Choice 2

Calm down. And come with me.

You can use your Axii sign on Napp and you won’t have to fight him. You get extra 25XP if you do this, but you will have to follow his drunk ass all the way to the smith, and that will take quite a while. In the end, Napp gets hanged anyways. You get 50XP and 20 Crowns from the dwarf.
Choice 2

Fine – but no more arson

You get 50XP and 20 Crowns. Dwarf will still let you use his forge and buy wares from him.
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