A Hallowed Horn


A Hallowed Horn is another island-hopping secondary quest you can embark on from Skellige Isles.

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Holger Blackhand had stolen a great many priceless goods during his many plunderous raids.
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Yet none of ^ these foreign trinkets could rival the carved horn passed down to him from his ancestors for his affections. The warriors he had recently banished must have known this – for they took this horn as an act of vengeance against Holger. Holger had let it be known that whoever found his prized possession would receive a hefty reward. Geralt, who could track thieves and stolen goods like no other, decided to investigate.

The witcher managed to retrieve the stolen horn, then returned it to Holger’s envoy in Holmstein. Though this warrior was saddened when Geralt told him of the thieves’ fate, he paid every copper of the promised reward.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Check out the notice board outside the Kaer Muire fortress on Ard Skellig. You will see a notice titled “Contract: Stolen Horn.” The leader of the settlement, Holger Blackhand, writes that some warriors have stolen a horn and that it should be returned to his steward Mathios, if found.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Track down the thieves and retrieve Holger’s horn.

Sail to the Eldberg peninsula, south of the Eldberg Lighthouse and to the north of the port of Arinbjorn.

On the eastern side of the peninsula you’ll see a rough stone obelisk on a rocky shore. There is a man impaled on a spike nearby, and a tent can be seen behind the obelisk. There are seven enemies near the tent, so watch out.

Once you’ve killed the thieves, open the chest next to the tent and retrieve Holger Blackhand’s Horn. You can also search the bodies to find two journals written by the thieves.

Bring the stolen horn to Mathios.

Return to Kaer Muire and go to Mathios who is waiting next to the building directly above the Notice Board. Give him the horn and receive a modest reward for your work.
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  1. Z

    Before I started this, Black Pearl quest was available. During this quest, Nidas wouldn’t start a conversation with me. I had to finish this Hallowed Horn quest first before I could start Black Pearl. This quest seems to temporarily disable Black Pearl.

  2. G

    And a small side note is that even if you lore all of the bandits away from the camp, so that you can just take the horn and note, without killing any of then, Geralt will still say that he got rid of the bandits.

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