In The Heart Of The Woods


In the Heart of the Woods is a lengthy and complex secondary quest in the Skellige Isles.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:60 Crowns (Herald’s path) and/or 60 Crowns and Assassin’s Boots (Sven’s path).

Quest Text

Geralt’s first clue?
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A brutally murdered and mangled body. The villagers all agreed the Woodland Spirit had killed the man – but their explanations of this creature’s motives could not have been more different. The elders among them claimed the Spirit, who had cared for their village for generations, was now punishing them for having broken the pact they had once made. As for the youth present, they claimed the Woodland Spirit was nothing but a cruel brute that killed for its own pleasure -and that rather than worship it, they should get rid of it once and for all.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Check what happened.

Go to the village of Farylund on Ard Skellig. The villagers there have lost one of their own to a woodland spirit. One group, led by Harald, believes that it is because they’ve abandoned the “the old ways”; the other, led by Sven, thinks that it is a monster that should be slain.

Offer them their services. You can also ask about the woodland spirit, if you wish.

Examine the tracks in the woods using your Witcher Senses and find out what’s killing the villagers of Farylund.

Head west, into the forest and to the first objective area. You may encounter some warrior endriagas along the way. When you get to the objective area, get down to the ground and use your Witcher Senses to pick up a trail of large footprints.

Follow it and watch out for more warrior endriagas. As you near the second objective area you may be attacked by wolves. When you reach the second objective area inspect some tree roots that have pierced an upright stone with a villager.

Keep following the tracks to the southwest until you reach a marshy area with standing stones. Three large stones have marks on them, which turn out to be from an ancient male Leshen. You will have to fight a couple of wolves here.

Talk to Harald about the leshen.

Return to Fayrlund and talk to Harald or Sven first. Harald tells you that you can try to appease the woodland spirit by roaming the woods with a knife and spear, proving your valor by fighting on equal terms. If you want to try this method, you should go to the Covenant Stone in the forest burn 5 wolves’ hearts as a sacrifice. You have three options.
Choice 1

Try Harald’s method.

You can change your mind later.
Choice 2

Disagree and tell him that you will kill the monster.

Choice 3

Think about it.

You can go to Sven and hear him out as well.

Talk to Sven about the leshen.

You’ll find Sven near the village merchant. Speak to him and inform him that the Leshen has marked someone in the village and that it cannot be killed completely as long as that individual is living in the village.

The villagers will not believe you, but Sven will think the marked person is Harald. If you can find the marked person, Sven will convince the villagers to banish him or her from the village. You have two options.
Choice 1
Choice 2

Continue with Harald’s plan.

Choose between Sven and Harald.

You will now have to decide whether you want to side with Sven or Harald. The quest will end differently depending on your choice. You will be able to change your mind until you either complete Harald’s ritual or destroy the standing stones and attack the Leshen for Sven.

Side with Harald – the ritual.

Head to the altar to the south, killing the wolves on your path and taking their hearts. The altar is to the left of the oak tree. Approach it and burn the wolves’ hearts with your Igni sign. A raven will inspect your offering. Look up to see dozens of ravens on the branches of the oak trees. They will start squawking and circling the tree, forming a spiral to the sky. The woodland spirit is appeased.

Side with Harald – Collect your reward.

Return to the village and meet with Harald in the middle of it. He will tell you that he saw the ravens flying off and the smoke rise.

Sven will arrive, intent on slaying Harald. You have two options.
Choice 1

Protect Harald

You will have to kill Sven and his three guards. The quest will end.
Choice 2

Let Sven murder Garald.

The quest has come to an end.

Side with Sven – find the person marked by the leshen.

Start inspecting the villagers. The marked person is Hilde, the washerwoman. She is usually found close to the irrigation stream on the village’s northern side.

Return to Sven and tell him that Hilda is the marked one. He will agree to banish her from the village or to kill her. You can now go and kill the Leshen.

Side with Sven – destroy the leshen’s totems

Return to the woods and look for the three small objective areas. Be on the lookout for wolves. When you reach a totem, burn it with your Igni sign. Each time you burn a totem the Leshen will send roots to stab at you and wolves to pester you. Destroy the other two totems.

When you burn the third totem, locate the objective area and use your Witcher Senses to see gray circular pulses – the echoes of the Leshen. Approach them and the Leshen will appear.

Side with Sven – Kill the leshen.

Consult the bestiary for tips on defeating the monster. The Leshen will summon a flock of raven, three wolves, and will attack you with its roots and claws. Use the trees as cover.

When you defeat it, you will get an Ancient Leshen Mutagen, Leshen Resin, and Leshen Trophy (5% Bonus experience from monsters).

Side with Sven – Collect your reward

Return to Sven and inform him that the Leshen is dead. Sven has already murdered Harald an the elders. You have two options.
Choice 1

Tell him that he can’t get away with the murders.

The quest will end.
Choice 2

Do not interfere.

The quest will end.
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