Bitter Harvest


Bitter Harvest is a Secondary quest in The Witcher 3. In it, you’ll protect a group of scavengers from undead monsters.
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It is also part of a group of quests that will grant you access to Redanian territory. Everything starts with “Thou shalt not pass” and continues with “Fake Papers” quests.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Up to 50 crowns, depending on how many people survive the attack.

Quest Text

The Nilfgaardian and Redanian forces had fought many bloody yet indecisive battles in Velen from which both sides had to retreat without collecting their dead. On one such field Geralt encountered a group of looters robbing the corpses of the fallen. In another time and place he might have merely grit his teeth and continued on his way. Yet conditions in Velen were harsh and other sources of sustenance few – so he decided to swallow his revulsion and defend these desperate men from the monsters stalking the battlefield.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Go to the battlefield in the south of Halver Isle, where you’ll find a group of people scavenging loot from the dead soldiers. You’ll get a chance to help them fight off the undead invaders. There will be several waves of level 7 ghouls (3-5) and other undead and they will be charging for peasants on the field. Try to get their attention early on.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Protect the scavengers from monsters

IF all peasants die you will fail this quest and won’t get the discount for Fake Papers quest, nor rewards for this quest.

Talk to the scavenger supervisor.

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  1. C
    Catherine S

    The only issue with this article is it is slightly off. If the brother-in-law dies you can succeed but you will not get the discount and if you tell him that his brother-in-law died he will not give it to you at all.

    Also I noticed that One of the waves ,I believe it’s the third wave, one of them comes in an area that’s near some soldiers with horses. I was going after the monster but for some reason soldier on the course became angry with me and now they’re coming after me. I don’t know if it’s the soldiers or if it’s just some random guys. I will find out soon and then I may have to go back to just before that Point to avoid having the entire army after me ?

  2. L
    Labeeb Xaman

    I encountered some too. They were bandits so I believe it’s OK to kill them. However I always fail this quest because the guys I’m babysitting keep dying : ( I hope you can come back and do this quest later if you don’t trigger it (before going to Isles of Mists or whatever).

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