Brave Fools Die Young


Brave Fools Die Young is one of the many secondary quests available in the Skellige Isles.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Petter

Additional Info

Southwest of Kaer Nyssen, there is a group of large standing stones with a monolith, crowned with a flame, in its center.

If you happen to come across the unusual monolith (Grymmdjarr Monument is its name), you will see a young man sitting at its base.
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Speak to him

He broke his leg when climbing up the monolith to light the fire; now he needs you to find a herb called celandine to ease the pain.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find some Celandine.

Head north down the hill and across a stream, then slow down as the forest starts to thicken and start looking around for the plant. You are looking for a small bushy plant with yellow flowers. Harvest one or more, if you wish.

Bring celandine to the injured fisherman.

Return to Petter and give him the celandine. You can also stick around if you want to hear more of his moaning. The quest is over.
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