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Brawl Master is an achievement / trophy in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can unlock it by completing all the fistfighting quests in Velen, Novigrad and Skellige Isles. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find all 14 opponents, how to beat them, earn the Brawl Master trophy and become Champion of champions.

witcher 3 brawl master

How To Unlock Brawl Master Achievement

To start a fight, go to the desired location and talk to the bookie. He’s the one who will handle your prize afterwards, too. You have to beat all 14 fighters spread across the land. First tackle the ones in Velen, they’re the easiest. Move on to Novigrad afterwards, leaving Skellige Isles for the end.

When you defeat the first opponent in the area, two more will be marked on your map. When all three are down, you’ll have the chance to face off against the local champion. After the three champions are all down, there will be two more fights.

The first is against a ghost that is haunting the arena in Hov. Let him defeat you – this will break his curse. Talk to the guardsmen in the tower next to the arena. When you come to Hov next time, you’ll get the chance to fight the last opponent.

Fistfighting locations

  1. Inn at the Crossroads (Velen) – inside the tavern
  2. Lindenvale (Velen) – the yard behind the notice board
  3. Blackbough (Velen) – by the blacksmith in the south-west
  4. Crow’s Perch (Velen) – in the big plaza in the north-west
  5. Hierarch Square (Novigrad) – at the inn east of the signpost
  6. Southern Gate (Novigrad) – turn left immediately after you enter, then walk until you see the fight
  7. Portside Gate (Novigrad) – in a yard, to the right after you enter
  8. Glory Gate (Novigrad) – by the well, in the square south of the gate
  9. Kaer Trolde Harbor (Skellige Isles) – in front of the inn, north-east of the signpost
  10. Arinbjorn (Skellige Isles) – west of the signpost
  11. Harviken (Skellige Isles) – north of the signpost
  12. Uriall Harbor (Skellige Isles) – in the arena, north-east of the town
  13. Hov (Skellige Isles) – in the arena, in the southern part of town
  14. Hov (Skellige Isles) – in the arena, in the southern part of town
Remember – you need to let the ghost defeat you! Here’s a video of all the fistfights you need to go through:

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