Components For An Armorer


Components for an Armorer is a secondary quest/witcher contract available in Velen.

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Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Yoana


Following contains quest spoilers.
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Find and kill the archgriffin.

Travel to the lightly wooded area to the north of Crow’s Perch, just north of the Wolven Glade marker. Locate the road that leads through the northern part of the forest – a group of bandits usually loiters around it. Kill them, then inspect the area with your Witcher Senses.

The trail will lead you to the archgriffin, perched at the top of the small hill, so prepare for battle. If the fight is harder than you anticipated, try using grapeshot bombs, hybrid oil, or your Aard sign, as the griffin is vulnerable to them.

Return to Yoana.

Take the archgriffin’s acid gland to Yoanna, Fergus’s assistant at the forge in Crow’s Perch, so that she can craft a suit of armor better than her master’s.

Take the archgriffin trophy to the baron’s quartermaster.

The baron’s quartermaster is in Crow’s Perch, selling his wares opposite Yoana and Fergus. He has a contract out on the griffin’s head, so hand it to him to receive a reward of crowns for your service. The quest is now over.
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