Master Armorers


Master Armorers is a quest available in Velen and sees Geralt searching for some tools of the armorer’s trade.

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Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Fergus

Additional Info

Go to Crow’s Perch and speak with a dwarf armorer called Fergus.
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Tell him that you are looking for a "master armorer" and that you wish to have a durable and lightweight suit made.

Fergus will think it is impossible to craft, but his helper Yoana chimes in that the people of Clan Tordarroch (on the island of Undvik) have the necessary tools. Despite Fergus’s protests, Yoana tells that the tools can be found in a cave on the north side of the island.

Note: the best time to go to Undvik isle is during the Lord of Undvik Secondary quest.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Get the blacksmith’s tools from Undvik.

You should undertake the voyage to Undvik after you’ve visited Kaer Trolde with Yennefer.

Sail for Undvik isle and disembark at the Marlin Coast marker. You now have a long walk ahead of you, along the same path as in he Lord of Undvik Secondary quest.

  • Go along the coast to the northwest, until you reach the ship’s graveyard.
  • Take the path that winds along the cliffs, heading southwest and taking you across several bridges until you reach a massive ship.
  • Go past the ship, heading for Hjalmar’s Camp, and traverse the heath until you reach the desolate village of Urskar located on the southwestern shore of the central lake.
From there, head up and go through a slit-like opening of a cave. You will find yourself in a network of subterranean caves. You’ll have to jump into a pool a long way down, then head up the caverns and passages until you reach a ruin at the top of the mountain. That is the forge of Clan Tordarroch.

Face the beautiful landscape in front of you and turn left – you should be able to see the opening of a cave. Inside is a rock troll, so prepare yourself for a fight. Once you’ve defeated it, approach the hearth and use your Witcher Senses to locate a chest to the right of the mantle. Inside it are the tools Yoana mentioned.

Bring the tools to Fergus.

Return to Crow’s Perch and give the tool to Fergus. As the two of you are discussing payment, General Groenekan will approach and ask Fergus to make him a custom armor set. Fergus and the General then go inside to discuss the details.

Yoana will then approach, exasperated, telling you that she does all the crafting since Fergus cannot even shoe a horse. You can choose to help her expose Fergus as a crook. If you do, you will need to provide her with some acid from a draconic griffin (the one seen north of Crow’s Perch) so that she can make a suit of armor that will out-perform the one that Fergus is making for the General.

If you already have the acid, you can give it to her; otherwise you will receive a Witcher Contract for the draconic griffin.
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