Crime And Punishment

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Crime and Punishment is a secondary quest available in the Skellige Isles.

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North of the settlement of Rogne and to the east of the Ancient Crypt, along the northern shore of the main isle of Ard Skellige, you may come across a prisoner chained to the rocks.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Help the prisoner.

There are some harpies nearby; slay them and talk to the chained man.

His name is Yorg, and he will tell you that he was framed for the murder of someone called Gretter. You can leave him or break his chains and set him free. If you leave him, he will die at the talons of a harpy and you will fail the quest.

The sister’s tale.

Travel to Rogne, directly south of the place where Yorg was chained, and look for a group of peasants discussing something around a fire.

Among them is Yorg’s sister who tries to defend her brother from the other villagers. She is unsuccessful, and runs off. Go talk to her and ask her about Yorg.

She will tell you that she told her brother that her uncle Gretter had done some things to her, prompting Yorg to kill him. However, she had invented the entire story out of hatred for her uncle.

You can end the quest by telling her that you’ve freed her brother, or that she simply learned her lesson about lying by killing her own brother. You’ve reached the end of the quest.
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