Defender Of The Faith

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Defender of the Faith is a secondary quest in the Witcher 3 that is available as you explore Velen.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:You get 10 XP for the first shrine, 25XP for the second and depending on your choice at the last shrine you can get 50XP.

Quest Text

Geralt has a “live and let live” policy regarding the gods and their worshipers: if they don’t bother him, he returns the favor. Sadly, not everyone follows this sage precept. A distraught woman in Velen informed him someone had been destroying the shrines that dot that region’s roadsides. She begged him to repair the damage and, if possible, punish those responsible. Though he did not share the woman’s devotion or outrage at this sacrilege, he decided to help all the same.

Starting NPC

Name: Peasant

One of the starting spots is marked on the map above.

Additional Info

There are two possible starting locations for this quest. The first one is at the junction of the road that leads to the east from Blackbough. The second is a small shrine of Duen Hen on the side of a hill in The Mire (go along the road south of Midcopse).


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Fix all the damaged shrines. 1/3

There is a peasant woman on the Duen Hen hill (or in between Crow’s Perch and Blackbough), ranting about something. Approach her and listen to what she is saying. You will find out that blasphemers desecrated shrines to Verna the Merciful.

Agreeing to help "repair" the shrines will task you with lifting the wood-carved effigy of an old woman to an upright position. There are three shrines in total, two let to be repaired.

  • The first (if you started the quest in The Mire) is on a small hill called Duen Hen in the southwest of the province.
  • The second (if you started the quest in Crow Perch) is at the junction of the road that leads east from Blackbough.
  • The third shrine is located far to the southwestern part of Velen, to the southeast of the Byways signpost.

Lift the first shrine next to the quest giver.

Second (Duen Hen) and third shrine are marked on the map above.

The Final Shrine

When you reach the final shrine, you will find that it is being desecrated by some vandals lead by a philosopher student who insists on vandalizing shrines. You can finish the quest in two ways.
Choice 1

Not about to get involved.

If you choose to not get involved the quest will fail and you won’t get any reward.
Choice 2

Can’t let you vandalize shrines

This choice leads you to fighting the four students desecrating the shrines. Although just students they are zealots as well and choosing this will lead to things ending badly for them. I had the quest start as a fist fight, but you can draw your sword and use signs to dispose of them quicker. You get 50XP for this.

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  1. C

    Fails to say you will fail this quest if you do not kill the students. So by staying out of it, technically you cannot complete it,

  2. C

    So the you kill 4 students for knocking over some simple shrines? I did because I wanted to complete the quest, but felt bad…even though they attacked me.

  3. J

    I fully agreed with the students. Morality and fear are not the same thing. Poor guys, I hate that I have to kill them.

  4. M

    Did they deserve death? No. But I couldn’t let them destroy the shrines. Protecting freedom of religion

  5. L

    yeah thay deserved to die thay punced a guy with armor and 2 swords just like you deserve to die if you kick a tiger

  6. J

    It’s just a game. Kill them for the XP.

  7. N
    Nathaniel Pillar

    This quest is ridiculous. I want to complete this quest, but I don’t think they should die.

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