Dragon is a Witcher Contract in which you’ll have to slay a winged beast that is terrorizing the countryside around the village of Fyresdal on Ard Skellig.

Key Facts

  • Forktail Mutagen
  • Forktail Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board

Additional Info

This quest can also be started by finding the body of the cow described below, but the best way to begin the quest is by reading the notice board in Fyresdal.
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Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the village elder of Fyresdal.

Go to the village of Fyresdal on Ard Skellig and read the Notice Board. There is a notice about a dragon in the lands around the village. Go to the village elder, Vagr, by the signpost next to the jarl’s longhouse. Talk to him about the dragon and barter for a higher price if you want, then inquire about the dragon’s victims. He’ll tell you that their names are Askel and Nilas and that you can inspect their bodies in their home home at the northern edge of the village.

Talk to the victims’ mother.

The mother of the two poor lads is in a house across from where you spoke with Vagr. Talk to her and inquire about the location of the bodies, then ask her if you could inspect them.

Examine the victims’ bodies using your Witcher Senses.

Use your Witcher Senses to find claw and bite marks on the bodies, but no sign of fire damage.

Use your Witcher Senses to find claw and bite marks on the bodies, but no sign of fire damage.

Head north from the village until you reach a junction in the road, close to which you’ll find a dead cow. The cow’s blood is on the rock nearby. Follow the blood trail across the field and you’ll reach the body of a dog that was apparently dropped from a high altitude. Look up at the siege tower covered in growth. You’ve found the nest of a forktail.

Talk to the village elder in Fyresdal about bait.

Go back to Vagr in the village and ask him where you can find an unseasoned sheep. Vagr has a sheep, but one that is difficult to herd. Head back to the road junction with Mia the sheep.

You can use Axii to guide the sheep, or you can herd it in the traditional way – approaching it from the right if you want it to go left and vice versa.

The forktail will come at you when you get the sheep to at least twenty yards away from the siege tower.

Take a trophy from the forktail.

Consult your bestiary for tips on how to fight the forktail. The forktail is vulnerable to the Golden Oriole potion, Grapeshot bomb, Draconid oil, and the Aard sign. When you kill it, take the trophy and whatever other loot you find on it.

Return to the village elder in Fyresdal for your reward.

Bring the trophy to Vagr. You can lie to him about the nature of the beast in order to get him to believe that you’ve slain a dragon. If he believes you, you’ll get your full reward. If he doesn’t, you’ll only get half of it. The quest will then end.
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