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Armor dyes are a new feature in The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine. They allow you to customize witcher gear by changing the color of every individual piece. There are many ways to get them, and they’ll help you make your outfits more unique. This guide will show you how dyes & armor customization in Witcher 3 work, how to get dyes.

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Armor customization

When you’re in the Inventory screen select a dye in the Armor tab. If you want to see how it would look before you apply it, press “E” to enter preview mode, then select the item you wish to paint. If you’re satisfied apply the color on the piece of equipment. Don’t forget you can only change the color of items belonging to witcher gear set.

There’s no need to be conservative about this – you can always revert the armor piece to its default look by using the dye remover. The only thing you lose are some resources.

Where to find dyes

Dyes are a new addition. They can be looted off fallen enemies, collected from containers or bought from shops. Only the merchants in Toussaint sell them, but they can drop from any enemy in the game as long as you have the DLC installed.

Blue Armor Dye Formula location

Formula Blue armor dye can be found south-west of Belgaard Vineyard. You’ll see a small boat near the coast. Dive into the water and look for a wooden chest, hidden under the boat.

Orange Armor Dye Formula location

Formula Orange armor can be obtained east of Coronata Vineyard. Just before a bridge, turn right and search a wooden cart in a ditch.

Turquoise Armor Dye Formula location

Formula Turquoise Armor Dye is hidden in a small camp just north-west of Arthach Palace Ruins. This precious dye formula can be found in a small sack behind a white tent.

Black Armor Dye Formula

Formula Black Armor Dye is hidden Northwest of Toussaint, in what appears to be castle ruins. You’ll find it inside a hidden chest. Black Dye crafting resources are: Dye Solution, Nigredo, Stammelford’s Dust, Coal, Crow’s Eye, and you’ll need one of each.

Purple Armor Dye Formula

Formula Purple Armor Dye can be found during the Contract quest titled The Tufo Monster. This contract can be started from the Notice board in Flovive. Once you talk with Tuto, he will send you to the place where Jean-Luc was last seen, and give you a key to unlock the basement. From the entrance, go down the stairs, turn left and loot a small chest.

Gray Armor Dye Formula

Gray formula can be obtained during a contract quest titled A Knight’s Tales from the notice board in Castel Ravello Vineyard. It is the one posted by woodcutter Jacob. During the quest you’ll get the objective – Search the hut using your Witcher Senses. Gray armor dye formula is hidden in a dresser inside the hut.

Red Armor Dye

If you want the Red Dye Formula, you’ll have to go to the north-east, to Dun Tynne Crossroads. Follow the road east from there until you cross a stream. Look for a cave entrance in the ground. Once inside, keep to your left until you reach a bed with a table beside it. The formula will be in a strongbox on the table.

Green Dye Formula

The Green Armor Dye Formula can be found in Fort Ussar in the far east of the map. Go into the ruins and take the corridor almost all the way to the other side, where the Slyzards are. There will be a chest on your right, with the formula inside.

Yellow Dye Crafting Recipe

You can find the Yellow Armor Dye Formula in the cemetery in Beauclair. It’s a bit west from Metinna Gate. Go down the stairs and into the crypt, then forward into the main chamber. Cross it and go into the narrow corridor. There will be a couple of skeletons on your left – loot them to get the recipe.

Pink Armor Dye Recipe

The Pink Dye Formula is in Mont Crane Castle, north-east of Beauclair. There’s a Hansa Stronghold there. Turn left once you’re in the courtyard, and use the magic lamp on the wall. Go down the corridor until you see an alchemist’s table on your left, just before the secret room. The formula will be on to it.

White Armor Paint Formula

You can find the White Armor Dye Formula in Mont Crane Castle, north-east of the capital. As you enter the stronghold, turn left then right up the stairs. Enter the stronghold and climb all the way to the top. Turn left and you’ll see a table under an awning – the formula is in a strongbox on it.

Brown Armor Dye Formula

The Brown Dye Formula is located in front of a monster den northwest of Fox Hollow. Go up the hill, towards the houses, then drop down to the left and look for a ledge. Climb it and follow the path until you see the entrance to a the monster den. Loot the skeleton to the left of it and you’ll find the formula.

Dye merchant location

The first dye vendor that we came across was located in the southeast part of Beauclair, east of The Grand place. He sells orange, gray, turquoise, brown, green, blue, yellow, and pink armor dyes.

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    Evil Noag

    No red dye?

    1. E
      Evil Noah

      Damn it, I misspelled my name!

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        Siddhesh Mahadik


    2. S

      On the Island East of Beauclair there is an underwater hidden cashe. You will find a bottle of Red Dye there.

      1. S

        Look for a cave entrance in the water on the western side behind the ruins.

        1. S

          Sorry they are not ruins its Crane Is, Toussaint Prison…LOL They look like ruins from behind.

  2. S

    I found the merchant but he seems to sell nothing. Kindly post if you find other locations. Thanks.

  3. Hello, I had a reddit post going on about this some time ago, i’ve completed it with the information on this article, and linked to the video giving you credit.

  4. T

    I figured out a way to dye your armor without using up the ones in your inventory. On PS4, if you select the color dye you want to use, you press X once to preview the color and press X a second time to confirm. Well if you only press X one time, to preview, and then push R1 or L1 BEFORE confirming, your armor will stay dyed without having to use up a bottle in your inventory.

    1. J

      Thank you. It actually works, but in my case I had to do that with every single piece of the armor.

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    And what about Blue Dye Recipe ?? 😀

    1. Blue, Orange and Turquoise color locations still remain a mystery :C .

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        Try looking at the second cave while looking for the ursine grandmaster set.

        1. R

          I found torquoise color in the box under the ship near the bandit camp south west of beauclair

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    Can anyone confirm if dyes can be found outside of Touissant? The dye mechanic is awesome, but kind of stupid to have to wait until the very end of the game to use it. Also, unrelated but has NG+ changed in blood and wine? Started it at level 52 and it seems that the level 35 starting point has been changed to 52. Anyone else have this?

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    Josh Sneddon

    thanks for the help bro

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    The black dye is actually found on a skeleton hidden next to the chest so don’t freak out if you open the chest and don’t see it.

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    How is it that I went to the black dye location and found the white? I can’t find anyone else online who has experienced this. I can’t be the only one.

    1. T

      “As witch patch 1.30 the loot has bean randomized! SO these locations are not accurate anymore, you will still get a dye recipe but might not be the one stated! Good luck on your dye hunting! Thanks to everyone who helped!”

      I found that little tidbit while looking up the recipes for the dyes on a Witcher 3 Reddit page
      Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/witcher/comments/4lzz3c/dye_recipe_locations/

  10. K

    For evry one that are searching for black dye and go to the place shown in this article only to find white dye. Go to the location of white dye and you will get the black one. Note that the place is full of hostile npc on 48 level.

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