Free Spirit


Free Spirit is a secondary quest available on Snidhall Isle. It will send you on a journey throughout the Northern Realms in search of some books on religion.
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Key Facts

Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Ivar


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Go to Snidhall Isle.

If you decide to explore the extinct volcano on Snidhall Isle, north of the Ancient Crypt signpost on Ard Skellig, you will see a warrior running at an unarmed man. You will have two options.
Choice 1

Do nothing.

The warrior will kill the unarmed man and the quest will end.
Choice 2

Stop the warrior.

Challenge him to combat and kill him. Speak to the man you’ve saved – his name is Ivar – and learn that the warrior wanted to kill him because his sister, Irma, ran off with Ivar instead of becoming a priestess of Freya. Ivar is an atheist and wants you to find books that expose religions as false, so that he could take them to the priestesses and reunite with Irma.

Agree to find any texts that may help him. You can also first find the books and then travel to Ivar. There are five books.

Book 1: Tristianna and Isador

You can buy this book in Lindenvale, at a merchant stall next to the signpost. Like the other books, it costs 10 Crowns.

Book 2: Religion and Life

Buy this book at a merchant in Crow’s Perch. You’ll find him in the lower section of the fort, near the bridge entrance. Costs 10 Crowns.

Book 3: The Cult of Freya

You can buy this book in Novigrad. There is a Priest of the Eternal Fire in Electors’ Square, who turns out to be an alchemist in hiding. You’ll need to do some talking to get him to show you what he’s selling. The book costs 10 Crowns.

Book 4: The Curious Case of Virtuous Vegga

Purchase this book in the fancy shop in Novigrad, southeast of the St. Gregory’s Bridge signpost. It is next to a barber shop and a Notice Board. The price is 10 Crowns.

Book 5: Change your life! A Handbook

Buy it from the Whoreson’s Henchman, northwest of the Southern Gate signpost. 10 Crowns.

Give the books to Ivar.

Travel back to Snidhall Isle and find Ivar in a hut at the base of the volcano. Give him the books and he’ll wow to find a way to be with Irma. Ivar can later be found in Novigrad, trying to find a job as a sailor.
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