From A Land Far, Far Away


From a Land Far, Far Away a secondary quest on Skellige Isles that will have you traversing vast distances to uncover the wrecks of old ships and save a woman and child on the run.

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Geralt ran into a suspicious gentleman who was looking for a woman who spoke in a strange, unknown tongue.
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He claimed they came from some far-off land far beyond the sea. She had kidnapped a child, and he had been tasked with finding and punishing her.

On a small isle in Skellige Geralt found a diary written by refugees from a far-off land. Their ship had wrecked and the fate of its passengers was unknown. Geralt hoped at least some had survived and he would one day have the chance to return this diary to them.

Additional Info

East of Redgill there is a small island that the locals call Hemdall’s Finger. Sail to it, then disembark on the southeastern side. There will be a body nearby, lying on close to the wreckage of a small boat.

Use your Witcher Senses to study the crest on the side of the boat. Pick up a journal to the victim’s left side and read it. It mentions several things: a delivery to Ursten, a woman named Viki, and some treasure aboard a vessel.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find the sunken chest mentioned in the journal.

Go to the edge of the water and look for a ship’s mast that is sticking out of the water. When you find it, dive into the water and down to the ship’s wreckage where you’ll find the chest. In it you’ll find a letter and the captain’s log.

The log mentions a second vessel, bound for Ursten in northern Velen.

Uncover what became of the second ship.

Sail back to the mainland and head for Ursten – it is northwest of the Border Post. There is a soldier on the main road, close to one of the cottages. He will ask you if you’ve seen a woman and a “plaetyn”, who have apparently escaped justice. Pick whichever answer you prefer.

Head to the objective area in the direction of the mouth of the Pontar river. Descend to the shoreline.

Near the objective area you’ll find the ruins of the second ship, next to which you’ll find the footprints of a mother and a child. Follow them using your Witcher Senses.

Talk to the foreign woman.

Go up the river bank to a wooden watchtower; you’ll see a woman who shouts at you in some unknown tongue and then runs away. Follow her down to the river, to the entrance to a cave called the Widow’s Grotto.

When you enter the cave, you will be followed by the soldier you’ve previously encountered. He’ll tell you that he plans to take the child back and kill the woman, whose name turns out to be Viki. You now have to make a choice.
Choice 1

Refuse to let him take the woman.

The soldier will then fight you, but will be no match for your skills. After you kill him, the woman will offer you a medallion which you can accept or refuse. This will conclude the quest.
Choice 2

Walk away.

The quest is now over.
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  1. J

    Couldn’t believe I did this quest and it turned out to be nothing but a waste of time. All you get at the conclusion of the quest is a medallion worth a couple of crowns.

    1. B

      Truth to be told, that’s with almost every quest in the Witcher 3. Quest rewards always suck, like unique swords that are useless because they are ALWAYS a few levels beneath yours. It’s one of the few gripes I have with this game.

      Still, side-quests have such good stories and backgrounds that it’s just worth it doing them for the sake of doing them. No RPG ever did this better.

      1. J
        Jack Frost

        Yeah, but neither of the players spoke very good English (or whatever it is that they speak on The Continent) so this quest didn’t even have the good story to go along with it. I have no idea what was going on between these 3 people.

        I’m baffled by just how worthless this quest was, especially for being on two different maps to complete it. Unless that medallion stirs something up later, this quest was kinda bunk.

        1. N
          Nathaniel Aaron Gordon

          That’s because I assume you didn’t read the journal you find on the first ship. It explains everything. The royal family is on the run from a usurper, and the father is killed in the first boat. The second boat, which you find in Orsten, is holding the mother and their heir. They were on their way to Beauclair for sanctuary.

  2. I

    omfg all this to just thanks and goodbye ?? wtf ! i feel stupid for reading all those journals i found before…thought it would immerse the story, there was no story behind it after all oh and i killed that guy and he came back in the cave and when i started fighting he wasnt there i instantly won

  3. M

    I think this quest might be a teaser for the second Witcher 3 expansion. It has to do with a far away land as well. Perhaps when the expansion comes out, the Medallion will tie into another side quest there.

    1. M

      I honestly hope so although sometimes I am so frustrated with witcher 3 that I do not really believe that there would be such an elaborate plot behind this.

  4. C

    The recipe for Superior Relict oil is down the back of the woman and child’s cave.

  5. S

    started this quest assuming i was going to get some cool foreign looking armor or weapons, but no. A interesting story, but I wish the rewards made it worthwhile.

  6. E

    Hmm…the 2nd expansion will be about Toussaint, or however it’s spelled, which– I’m pretty sure– is the Witcher’s version of France, given the architecture, and the name of the place itself sounding French. However, I don’t think these people from this strange, far away land speak in a language that could even resemble something that’s supposed to be French. So, my bet is that this quest, and the said Far-Away Land is in reference to Zarrikania. Afterall, there has been quite a bit of lore established in the vanilla Witcher 3 in books, saddles, and bestiary entries. They reference it so often and talk about it in such a way that makes me think, seeing as how this is their last game, the writers and developers would love to have Geralt (and us, of course) visit the strange and mysterious land. Though we cannot really relate much now, I’m sure this will be related to a much more involved and immersive quest in the third expansion. The third expansion, which I’m going to unofficially call “The Wonders of Zerrikania,” after the book that you and I likely sold about 200 copies of during our Witcher 3 playthrough in that case, will be absolutely MASSIVE, I mean we’re talking about taking Geralt to a massive desert with the most brutal, evolved versions of all our favorite post-conjunction creatures, and strange, foreign political regimes to interact with and influence. This is making me excited, just writing about it. However, yes, yes. I know, there is an equally large possibility for the devs to just forget all about this quest, too.

    1. T

      Blood and Wine (the second expansion) is set in Toussaint like you said, but the interesting thing is that in the journals of this quest it said that the woman and her “plaetyn” were heading to Beuclaire, which is the capital of Toussaint and where the expansion will be set, so maybe the medallion will tie in to a quest there (whoever the refugees were heading to may recognise it).

      Also, I agree they’re probably from zerikania, especially since their crest is of a zebra.

  7. S

    Did anyone else notice right after the quest is finished that the woman and the child vanish with a creepy scream (resembling a syren or a bruxa)?

    1. G
      gulo gulo

      If you go up to the small outpost on top of the hill, a noon/night wraith appears, and there is a guarded treasure. This is if you kill the guard; if you let him take them, it does not appear.

    2. E
      Enver Sivac

      When you hear that sound basically a ghost and a guarded chest appear just on top of the hill where the cave is by the wooden tower, kill the ghost and the chest will be on the opposite side of the cave by the wooden overlooking tower, right next to the tower. I guess it would be north side of the wooden tower, use Witcher senses cause it’s easy to miss. The ghost and chest won’t be there before you talk to the woman, you need to talk to her first.

  8. E
    Enver Sivac

    When I originally talked to the soldier I refused to help him find the woman and he attached me so I killed him and then I followed the footprint. I followed it to the cave and she gave me the gift but just as she left and as I was exiting the cave I heard a monstrous sound and I was curious what it was so I reloaded and tried refusing her gift and same happened so I went to explore surrounding area after she disappears. Turns out a guarded treasure appears on top of the hill by the wooden overlooking tower after you talk to her, just on top of the hill where the cave is. So get out of cave after she gives you the gift and there will now be a ghost and a chest by the little wooden overlook tower, a guarded treasure. The chest and the ghost won’t be there when your first get to the overlooking tower, you need to talk to the woman first and then the chest and ghost appear. You don’t get much from completing this quest but you get an armor you can sell 441 coins, oil, and few other items. Quest like this leaves you wondering how is the ghost and guarded treasure connected to the woman because the guy I killed earlier said she was evil, she could be a witch but there could be More to this quest, idk but it’s interesting. It’s just funny cause she disappears into thin air while in other quests characters walk away. Could she have something similar to the way ciri teleported where you find umma? Maybe she used some portal and the ghost came in from the other side, if that’s the case the she could be a witch or something, it’s giving me a headache :/

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