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A Miraculous Guide to Gwent is a book in The Witcher 3. When you open it, it will show you the number of cards you’re missing in each area.
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Once you get it, you’ll have a much easier time unlocking the Card Collector achievement. This guide will show you the gwent finder book location in Witcher 3.

gwent finder book location witcher 3
Since there are so many cards in the game, many people were having trouble with collecting them all and unlocking the trophy. The developers have decided to help out those in need, by putting a special item into the game. This item is a book – when you open it, you’ll see in which areas you can find the cards you’re missing. It won’t show exact locations, though. It is going to make card hunting (and finishing the Collect Em All quest) somewhat less frustrating.

Gwent Card Tracker Location

You can get the book from two different people:
  • The gwent-playing scholar you meet in the tavern in White Orchard, during the prologue – the one that teaches you how to play gwent. You’ll have to beat him in a game, and then he’ll give you the book for free.
  • The merchant at the square near St. Gregory’s Bridge. Spawn at the bridge signpost and head south-east to the nearby square. The shop is on the western side of the plaza – it’s the one where you can buy the respec potion. It costs a measly 3 crowns, so you don’t have to worry about affording it.
Once you have, simply open your inventory and double-click the book, as you would any other. Instead of passages of lore, you’ll see a list of areas you haven’t fully robbed of cards yet. It won’t tell you the precise places you have to visit in order to get them, but it will at least let you narrow your search.




  1. J

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to complete my gwent collection!

  2. S

    My book says: “Congratulations! Your collection is complete. You have collected all currently available cards!”
    Yet, the quest doesn’t go away and my trophy doesn’t pop either… -_-

    1. D
      Duane McDonald

      The end of the game you will get your achievement

  3. D
    Duane McDonald

    Thank you. Btw 23 coins

  4. E

    Can I get some help? On my book it says I’m missing two on skellige isles, however, I have no idea who do i have to play to get them.

  5. V

    I went to his shop but couldn’t find the book in his inventory. Do you have to do the quest you can get from him first?

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