Here Comes The Groom


Here Comes the Groom is a witcher contract in which you’ll go after a flying monster that has taken a would-be groom in the village of Svorlag.

Key Facts

  • Lock of Lamia Hair
  • Ekhidna Mutagen
  • Ekhidna Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board

Additional Info

To best way to start this quest is to go to the village of Svorlag on the island of Spikeroog and read the Notice Board there.
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Take the note titled “Nils’ Disappearance”.

Apparently, a man named Nils has gone missing and his betrothed, Britt, is very worried about him. Her brother Kevan needs someone to find Nils.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Ask Kevan about the contract.

Look for Kevan in the fishing hut on the ocean shore. He’ll tell you that his sister saw Nils being carried off by a monster. You can barter with Kevan to get a higher price for the contract if you want, then agree to speak with Britt.

Talk to Britt.

You’ll find Britt on a cliff north from the village, past the shoreline and up a grassy hill that overlooks Svorlag. Talk to her and she’ll mention a “shadow of great wings” that took her betrothed to a cave nearby.

Explore the caves Britt mentioned.

Head south on the path that goes path the Old Watchtower and toward the shore. Look for a cave opening that is guarded by some sirens. Kill them, go into the cave.

You’ll encounter six drowners in the first tunnel. After that, you’ll enter a chamber with an altar dedicated Melusine (especially if you use your Witcher Senses).

You need to find:
  • odd scales on the altar
  • siren tracks
  • scales too oddly colored for a siren
Go down the tunnel to the southeast. There is a chest you can find if you climb up the ledges to the right, then jump across. When you return to the tunnel, go around a corner and you’ll come up to a great fissure. Pick up the trail in the fissure cavern and keep going forward. You’ll pass some barrels which you’ll be able to ignite with Igni. There will be tree drowners trying to kill you at this point.

Find Melusine in the caves.

Keep following the tracks until you reach the ledges on the chamber’s south side, which lead to the cliffs outside. You’ll find the corpse of a man there, lying face down. It is Nils, apparently dropped from a great altitude. The Melusine will then swoop down and attack you.

Melusine is vulnerable to Grapeshot bombs, Hybrid oil, and Igni and Aard signs.

Take a trophy from Melusine.

When you kill the winged monster, loot its corpse and return to Kevan to inform him of your discovery. He’ll hope that you might inform Britt of Nils’s fate, which you can either accept or refuse. Accept, then head back to the cliff where you found Britt. Tell her that her beloved is dead, she will then wow to stay faithful to him for the rest of her life. She’ll also give you a reward which you can accept or refuse. The quest will then end.
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