How to defeat Dettlaff final boss in Blood and Wine

Dettlaff is the last boss in the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion. During the quest Tesham Mutna you’ll face him for the last time, and it will be a long and exhausting battle.

Dettlaff boss witcher 3

How to kill Dettlaff

This higher vampire is vulnerable against Vampire oil, Black blood potions and Quen. This fight consists of three phases. During the first phase, when in his two-leg form, Dettlaff moves fast and also turns into fog and envelops opponents. He’s able to turn invisible and can regenerate strength during combat. When fighting a vampire in this form you should use Yrden to slow him down and make him more vulnerable to attacks. Dodge often and apply Vampire oil to your sword.

During the second phase he’ll turn into his winged form, using powerful attacks to stun his enemies. While he’s flying around he’ll perform different attacks. While in the air he’ll attack you with a swarm of bats. Even using the Quen Sign won’t fully protect you. You can’t avoid this attack completely but you can roll towards him to take less damage. At the moment when he dives towards you, he’ll stay on the ground for a few seconds that gives you a chance to attack him. When he dives into the ground start dodging continuously because he’ll emerge in front of you and perform an AoE attack.

Dettlaff second phaseDuring the third phase focus on destroying three pulsating sacs. Running from one to another sack and hitting them will make Dettlaff chase you around. Once you destroy all sacks perform the last swipe with your sword and kill Dettlaff.

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  1. E

    I cant get past the swarm of bats, 1 shots me with 100% hp and quen

    1. M

      I know man. Ivery only evaded it one time. Thenow died 30 seconds later when he did it again.

    2. G

      Try distancing yourself as far away from Detlaff before he channels the swarm. Dive dodge as soon as the swarm reaches the ground beneath him. That time frame is very short, but if you do it right, you’ll have a 100% dodge rate. Knocking Detlaff out of the air when he tries to dive bomb you will give you even more of a chance to hit him rather than waiting for him to land on the ground. Also, if you haven’t already noticed, those pools of blood are movement traps. Don’t step on them or you will die.

    3. A

      i used viper set enchanted and ekhinda decoction and kept using quen which healed me because of the decoction keep far when he shoot a swarm of bats try to dodge i dont know what gear your wearing but i lose only one third of my hp idk how u got 1 shot from it if u get him to third stage it gets easier from there just doge when he leaps down on u dont role so u will have more time to hit.

      1. A

        Are you doing it on Deathmarch (maximum difficulty)? And at level less than 50?

    4. F

      i tried sprinting perpendicular, works pretty well till now

    5. C

      Well so far it’s been almost a waste of my time and I wasted my money on something that is so hard to do I don’t wanna play anymore it used to be fun but I’ve been trying for three hours to be Detlaff and the creators made it so it can’t be done as far as I can tell pretty sad seems like a waste of my money and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  2. M

    That might work on easier difficulties, but not on death march.

    1. D

      Work on death march too, i get a 100% dodge rate too and was thanks too those few times that i won, but i only was able to dodge because of the sound of this move is hard to dodge but possible.

      1. A

        The problem with dodging judging by the the sound is that if you open signs menu after he starts the bats animation (which is pretty long before the little suckers even gather up) your time slows while the sound plays at normal speed. So you end up are rolling too early. And if try to face him to actually wait for the right frame while backing away, there will be 98.8% guaranteed bloody spike right behind you. When the trap RNG feels like forgiving you, it’s totally possible though.

  3. G

    For the bats, run either left or right when he is about to unleash his attacks. Found it works most of the time with me

    1. D

      This is the actually correct answer to avoid all damage. Just be sure you’re pretty far from him.

  4. M

    Try backing away from him and then rolling to the side. The attack is only impossible to dodge if you’re up close. Guide has that bit wrong. You can also knock him out of the air when he rushes towards you through the air pretty easily with aard.

    1. D
      Devin Heinl

      Yeah I found the aard really helped out a lot in the battlel

  5. J

    Also when he flies at you use igni to bring him to the ground. It works well.

  6. T

    You are my hero gary =D

  7. Y

    for the bat listen for the bat sound , run to the right or left then when the bat sound started then when the sound muted, roll

  8. C

    I didn’t even know the bat attack was a problem, unless you get caught in those traps and are forced to eat it and get one-shot
    Just run to the side, really surprised anyone has trouble not getting hit

  9. R

    Just beat it on deathmarch. Seemed the further away i was the easier it was to dodge the one shot ability. I just held sprint and ran to one side and it missed every time. That combo’d with a well placed aard when he dives made the fight easy.

  10. L

    You CAN fully avoid the attack. Just run while it’s charging and then roll in the right moment.

  11. I

    1) He swoops at you. Let him swoop once, then roll away from the second swoop.
    2) He starts to summon bats. Wait until they turn into black shadow, then roll to the side.
    3) He flies straight up, then plunges down at you. Roll to the side when he flies up.

  12. J

    In defeating Dettlaff: I recommend having the 100% damage resistant roll, and using quen. When he lands it lets you get in up to 5 hits and roll away whenever he bursts back up after landing in phase two, and quen will help negate any damage taken at other points of the fight. His bat attack can simply be avoided by rolling away, if you’re far enough you take 0 damage.

  13. R

    Thats wrong you can completly avoid bat attack

    You have to run avay then roll to right or left dodge key is runing away then you can easly dodge

  14. E

    I figured out the best way
    In witcher gear use igni until phase 2
    After that switch to the gear you got in the elder vampire cave including sword w vampire oil
    Use thunderbolt, quen and swallow
    Use fast attacks on the meat sacks and quen

    It was probably a 5 minute fight doing that

  15. S

    The swarm of bats can be dodged

    All you have to do is run to the side.
    I have only tested this once.

    failing that there is a upgrade which reduces damage while dodgeing.

  16. B

    I used dps for the boss fight,legendary grand master bear school +levity and cat school techniques to get attack damage,synergy and greater red mutagens for further damage,euphoria for even more damage,superior vampire oil for +50% against vampires,water hag decoction for +50% damage when at full health,troll decoction for continuous health gain and finally ekhimara decoction to gain health everytime i strike,played on ng+ deathmarch with enemy upscaling on

  17. A

    When he starts the bats run away from him. When it goes silent dodge twice left or right.

  18. W

    Aard is the life saver saver.
    Stage 1: Quen is good, Aard is better. Stun Detlaff with Aard, then whirl. Goes down very fast.
    Stage 2: The first attack the winged monster does is fly-by, he tries to hit Geralt (and if he does, it’ll be for a huge chunk of your HP). Dodging is easy, but most importantly, when the monster is flying towards you and gets close, Aard! It’ll knock it does immediately and you Whirl it. You only need to repeat this twice, thrice at most. Just make sure NOT to step into the pool of blood. That’s the only thing that really can kill you here, and it’s a very easy mistake to do.
    Stage 3: Use Quen and Whirl down the beating hearts(?). Not difficult, but do dodge from the monster. Don’t bother damaging it, go for the hearts.

    Took me 1.5 hours of restarts. I hate that the only checkpoint is even before all the talking and cutscenes. You hear me, Prjoeckt Red? HATE IT!!!!!!

    1. L
      Lullaby of Woe

      I was able to save after all the talking and before fighting Detlaff, i.e. when Regis and Detlaff fight in the distance.

    2. M
      Michael of Iowa

      Took me just as long. It had become a quest. ?

  19. R

    Thanks guys. Run sideways on bats and aards did the trick for me.

  20. G

    Omg that was the hardest boss battle ever , just used Queen and tried to stay close whenever he was on the ground the 3rd battle is easy compared to the 2nd just hack at hearts and ignore him

  21. M

    Yo. Use the Chort Dedoction for the second phase. It eliminates the stagger from the bats

  22. T

    I find it easy to dogde the Bats by using Yrden-alternative sign cast, that dogdes projectiles.. I don’t know if it will work, but it did for me,.

  23. F

    this may help as well. At the beginning of the fight go to you character settings and activate “undying” (under combat). It will use adrenaline points to refill you vitality should you be killed (there’s a 3 min waiting period after initial activation in combat before it can be triggered again). Next activate “Gourmet” (its under general).Once you have activated it eat food. Your vitality will conntinue to replenish for 20 min. This should help with extending your life throughout all 3 stages of the fight

  24. M
    Mos Daft

    I managed to beat Detlaff 1.5 years ago, but now, playing on Death March, it has become no fun! It just stresses me out beyond what I can really stand from a game… think I’m going to stop playing for a while and come back to it another time.

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