How to Beat Shaelmaar Boss | Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Shaelmaar is one of the bosses in Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. You’ll get to fight him in the arena in Toussaint early on in the game, after you’ve explored Corvo Bianco and defeated the Bruxa.
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This guide will show you how to beat Shaelmaar in Blood and Wine.

How to kill Shaelmaar in Blood and Wine

You won’t have to fight the shaelmaar alone – one of the knights errant will be there to help you out. He can damage the monster and take its attention away from you for a short while, but don’t expect him to finish the job for you.

The shaelmaar has three weaknesses – relict oil, samum bombs and the Aard sign. The oil will increase the amount of damage you do to the monster, while the bomb and Aard are primarily used to draw its attention. The creature is blind, so you can lure it by producing vibrations.

Thanks to its hardy shell, it won’t do you any good if you try to take it head-on. You’ll have to get it to expose its stomach, where its shell is softest. The best way to do this is by standing near the arena wall and wait for it to charge towards you. Use Aard if you want it to charge at you, or Samum if you want it to charge to a specific place.

When the beast is near, roll out of its way. Once it hits the wall, it will fall on its back. This is when you start spamming strong attacks. After repeating this several times, you’ll defeat the monster without a problem.

To recap, here’s the suggested tactic in short:
  • Stand near the wall.
  • Use Aard and Samum to control its movement.
  • Make it slam into the wall.
  • Use strong attacks while its on its back.