Practicum In Advanced Alchemy


Practicum in Advanced Alchemy is a lengthy secondary quest involving some druids with a drinking problem.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:5 Sulfur , 5 Alcohest, 5 Han Fiber, 5 Saltpetre

Quest Text

At one point during his travels Geralt learned of a mster alchemist named Gremist.
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Rumor had it this druid knew more about alchemy than most men know about contours of their own members. Geralt, ever eager to polish his skills, decided to find this learned druid and absorb whatever knowledge from him he could.

Additional Info

This quest can be started in two ways:
  • By visiting the druid’s sacred oak in Gedyneith, in the east of Ard Skellig.
  • By asking the alchemists throughout the Northern Realms about a master alchemist, once this dialogue option is opened to you.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Ask the druid about Gremist.

Go to the cave near the pond to the northeast of the Gedyneith signpost. You’ll find two druids talking – listen in on their conversation. Approach the one with lesser skills and ask about Gremist. After that, go to the other druid, Gremist, and ask him to teach you alchemy – he will refuse. Ask him how you can change his mind.

You’ll learn that he’s preparing for a ritual and needs you to do three things for him.
  • Get a pimpernel from the Morskogen Forest.
  • Find a a bottle of spirits from an old distillery on Hail Hill.
  • Go near the village of Blandare to convince Fritjof to help Gremist with the ritual.
Agree and ask about each favor while your there. You can do the three favors in any order.

Find a pimpernel in the forest.

Go south to the objective area and look around for the pimpernel growing amid the grass. You’ll find one bush, but it has been picked recently.

Search the woods for the missing apprentice and some pimpernel.

They will become a trail and lead you up a slope to the south. Follow them.

You will find the missing druid being tickled by a succubus. The druid with you will prepare for a combat, believing that his colleague is under the succubus’s spell. You have two options.
Choice 1

Side with the succubus.

Tell the druid that the succubus is harmless – he will be furious and storm off, she will be surprised that you sided with her. She is not interested in you in a carnal way, so tell her there is another way for her to repay you.

Follow her into her cave, then use your Witcher Senses to locate and pick the pimpernel.
Choice 2

Side with the druid.

  • Objective : Kill the Succubus.
  • If you side with him, you will have to kill the succubus, which is no easy feat. There is not a lot of room to dodge, so try to protect yourself from her magic and get in close to deal blows whenever you can. When you kill her, the missing druid – Ramund – will curse you and run off. The other one will thank you, then run after his colleague.
  • Objective : Use your Witcher Senses to find and pick a pimpernel. .
  • Follow the scent of the succubus with your Witcher Senses, it will lead you to a cave. Inside you’ll find the many flowers that she was picking for some time. Use your senses to find the pimpernel.

    Find the abandoned distillery.

    From the succubus’s cave, head south and slightly to the east, climbing up the mountain. You will reach a flat icy plateau with a few ghouls.

    Head south, across an old wooden bridge leading to a cave under some ruins.

    Find some mash.

    Go into the cave and slay the cyclops inside it, then use your Witcher Senses to inspect the area.

    • Climb the ladder up the scaffold to the left of the boiling vats, you will find some mash there.
    • Go to the raised cabin and pick up some distilling recipes from a bed. The bed next to it has an open log book. Pick up and read them both.

    Use the machine to produce alcohol.

    Move over to the brewing vats and look for a metal one to put your mash in. Then us Igni a few times to light the fireplace and heat the vats. When Geralt mentions that the vats are hot an must be cooled a little, step to the levers on the side of the machine.

    Pull the right level first, then the left one. Water will rush in and cool the vats, and you’ll get some fine Skellige spirit. Gather it from the barrel and head out, looking out for ghouls on the way.

    Find a druid in the nearby village and convince him to talk to Gremist.

    Go to Blandare, in the center of Ard Skellig and find Fritjof on the crossroads in the middle of the village. He will agree to perform the ritual with Gremist, but must first conjure rain to save the village from a drought. You will have to protect him while he performs the ritual.

    Go to the ritual site with the druid.

    Follow the druids to some stones where he will perform the ritual. He will slay some animals, then sit on the sacrificial altar and pray. Foglets will start to appear.

    Defend the druid while he completes the ritual.

    The foglets will appear in groups of three; there will be around eight or nine waves of them. Fritjof cannot take many strikes from the enemies, so stay close to him at all times. Slay all the foglets. Fritjof will now help Gremist.

    Return to Gremist.

    Go back to Gedyneith and find the wooden door of a cave close to the pond. Inside you’ll find Gremist and Fritjof. Now that you’ve completed the three favors, Gremist can begin the ritual. You are not allowed to participate, so exit the cave and return the next day. You can do other quests or simply meditate in front of the cave for 24 hours.

    When you go back into the cave, you’ll find the two druids stinking drunk. Join them for a round and collect your rewards.
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