Jenny O’ The Woods


Jenny O’ The Woods is a Witcher Contract in which you’ll have to help a village whose fields are haunted by the ghost of a girl killed by a scorned lover.

Key Facts

  • Ingredient: Dark Essence
  • Nightwraith Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board

Additional Info

The best way to start this contract is to read the message on the Notice Board in the village of Midcopse.
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Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the ealdorman of Midcopse.

Talk to Bolko, the ealdorman of the village, and hill tell you that something called Jenny o’ the Woods is haunting the fields around the village. Barter with him for a better price if you want, then ask if anyone has seen this wraith. The only person alive who’s seen her is Agneta. Accept the contract.

(Optional) Interrogate the witnesses.

You’ll find Agneta in the long grass at the village’s end, but the only thing you’ll learn from her is that the creature appears at twilight.

Search the nearby fields.

Head to the objective area to the northwest of Midcopse. When you get there, use your Witcher Senses to examine the ground.
  • the footsteps of a woman – follow them to a splattering of blood
  • Inspect the blood and find the knife that was left behind. Take it, the dried blood on it could be useful
Follow the grassy track to the northwest until it ends in a thicket. Inspect the ground nearby to find a shallow grave that has a note sticking out of it. You might run into a deserter in your exploration of the area.

Read the dead girl’s journal.

Read the note to learn that a girl called Zula feared a man known as Bokhai who was stalking her. It appears that Bokhai killed Zula for refusing him.

Ask the ealdorman about the lovers.

Head southeast, back to the village, and inform the earldorman. He’ll tell you that the two of them disappeared a week ago, and you’ll share with him your belief that Zula is the restless spirit.

Find the lovers’ meeting spot.

The young people used to spend time in a clearing to the west of the village, so head there.

Burn Zula’s letter and the dried blood from the knife.

Head to the objective area where you’ll find a campfire and straw bedding. You can choose to check out the nearby forest for a small deserter’s camp before you begin the ritual.

If it is nighttime, access the fire. If not, meditate until the night falls (the best time being just before midnight). Jenny o’ the Woods will then appear behind you, so prepare for a fight.

Kill Jenny o’ the Woods.

Consult your bestiary for combat tactics. Jenny o’ the Woods is vulnerable to Moon Dust and Dimeritium bombs, Specter Oil, and the Yrden sign.

Take a trophy from the nightwraith and collect your reward.

Once you’ve killed her, loot her corpse and pick up the ingredients and the trophy. Take the trophy back to the earldorman in the vilage who will then give you your reward. The contract is done.
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