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Lesser Red Mutagen is an item that can be equipped to increase attack power. However, you can make a stronger mutagen by combining weaker ones. Three lesser mutagens make a regular one, while three regular ones make a greater mutagen. In this guide, we’re going to show you some lesser red mutagen farming locations, and how to get the most out of them.

Where To Farm Lesser Red Mutagens

Go to the orphanage at Crookback Bog in Velen. From there, go directly south. When you reach the foot of the mountain, climb for a bit. Half-way to the top, after you’ve passed the road, you should see a level 16 fiend. Now comes the potentially hard part – you need to kill it a few dozen times. It’s vulnerable to Relict Oil, Samum and Devil’s Puffball. Other than that, try your best not to get hit – the beast is slow, but hits like a mountain. Once it’s down, loot the body and meditate for two hours – another one will appear.

The other option involves murdering level 11 Arachas. They’re easier to kill, but do poison damage, and the drop rate for the lesser red mutagen seems to be lower. Less reliable, but also less risky. The arachas is close to where the fiend is, a bit north of the road, and seems to appear only during the day. Meditating for two hours after you’ve killed it should be enough for another one to appear.

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  1. T

    Ive been killing a them like 5-7 times already and only got 1 red mutagen.

  2. J

    It seems that the Kill/Meditate technique doesn’t work on ps4. But if you save, return to the main menu and charge your save, it works.

    1. B

      If you fast travel to another area i.e. go from velen to skellige isles they re-spawn on ps4. So I hopped between the skellige and velen, used the two areas suggested above in velen then went over to south of redgill and back again got red mutegen at a rate of about 1 in 3.

  3. C

    I works for me on PS4^

  4. V

    Thanks for the tip, it didn’t work at first, but after closing the game completely and trying again it worked

  5. V

    They seemed to have patched this exploit.

    1. V

      I was wrong, restarting my game worked, then meditating from their was fine.

      1. A

        Did you save after killing it, restart, then meditate?

  6. C

    I found a great place to farm lesser red mutagen the easiest way is at the South West of Redgill in The Skellige Isles where you’ll face a group of level 18 dark Drowners. Meditate between 2 hours or save+reload if they don’t respawn.

    Just completed farming lots of lesser red mutagens and crafted them to 5 greater red mutagens in less than 1 hour or so. The lesser red mutagen drop rate from these level 18 dark Drowners in Redgill is freaking awesome, 3 out of 5 encounter you’ll get at least 1 lesser red mutagen, 2 in average, or even 3 if you’re lucky. By the time you get all you need for 4 greated red mutagen, you’re level gone 1 up.

    I’m on PC patch 1.06 btw.:D

    Here are the screenshots:

      1. N

        Thanks chrone, I haven’t tried this yet but intend to celebrate the 4th of July with banging out some red mutagens to add to my build !!

    1. D

      You sir deserve a cookie.

      I just got 4 lrm from my first fight against the dark downers.

      Great tip ??

  7. J

    Thank you chrone, that’s indeed a great spot, worked like a charm for me as well…

  8. M
    Mutant, freak, and sometimes Geralt

    Chrone’s method was the best, tnx mate

  9. A
    Angry Guy

    Bullshit -.-
    Didn’t work one time for me

  10. T

    I found that the “cow’s revenge” Chorts in White Orchard is by far the fastest and easiest way to farm those Mutagens. If you return to the first village you encounter in the game and start killing the cows and then rest, and eternal number of Chorts appear one at a time. Each drops Mutagens (often Reds) along with a decent supply of other items for crafting or sale.

    1. F

      Worked a Treat, much better then the others for me atleast, nice treehawk, nice

    2. C

      Note to future players: these “Cow’s Revenge” Chorts require a few rounds of “kill cows, then meditate” before they appear. And they’re level 27, so lower level folks will have a really hard time killing them. The dark Drowners mentioned above are a much better source of red mutagens for players below level 28 or so.

  11. D

    None of these have worked for me, they never respawn.

  12. B

    Chrone’s spot works (PC, patch 1.08) but:
    – to trigger the respawn, I have to run back to Redgill and meditate inside a house. Meditating on the spot doesn’t seem to work. Haven’t tried a lot of spots, so the “inside house” part is probably not necessary, but I’ll stick to my superstitions.
    – red mutagen drop rate is not great, probably in the 10% range. I usually get one every two runs killing the 5 dark drowners.

    1. C

      Another thing you can do is Fast Travel to Vizima (loads fastest), then Fast Travel back to Redkill. Works just as well as meditating far away from the drowners.

  13. M

    In order to obtain the mutagen you must become the mutagen.

  14. M

    None worked for me. The enemies didn’t drop red mutagens and meditating didn’t make them respawn… :'(

  15. T

    Probably easier, especially at low levels, to just kill the arachas next to forest hut over and over. Seems to drop red more often than not. Only trick to it is you need to clear the bandit camps around the forest hut for the arachas to appear.

  16. H

    The beaches just North of Novigrad are a good spot to pick some up, all of the drowners seem to drop Red Lessers and so do the other monsters hanging around though not as frequently.

  17. M
    Mr. BullDong

    nope, not compatible in version 1.12, so basically this is useless, hunting for red mutagen is currently base purely on the game’s drop rate and your luck. GLHF and happy hunting.

    1. F

      Incorrect, Mr. BullDong. I just tried out farming the Drowners chrone mentioned. The only thing I couldn’t seem to get to work was getting them to respawn by meditating. So what I did instead was just fast travel to a different continent and then back. Worked like a charm. Managed to get my greater red mutagen within 20 minutes. Not too bad considering how rarely you loot them otherwise.

  18. M

    I tried chrones method, just go to the drowners, run back to the sign post, I found meditating for almost 2 days was the best. Every time 4-6 drowners would appear and got at least 1 red mutagen every time

  19. P

    You can farm red mutagen by killing the alghoul in Toderas, Velen. I find that on PC, he only drops 1 red mutagen per game load, and I also had to do something (anything) with crafting (alchemy) before meditating and saving. Restarting the game doesn’t guarantee you get a red mutagen immediately, but the alghoul does seem to drop them 33%-50% of the time after this process So:
    1.) Go to Toderas and kill the alghoul. Loot what he drops. If you get a red mutagen, then:
    2.) Fast travel to Mulbrydale (or someplace far-ish away).
    3.) Do something (anything) with alchemy (make a higher level mutagen with some of what you have been getting, or a bomb or something).
    4.) Meditate until just after dawn the next day.
    5.) Save the game and exit to the desktop.
    6.) Start the game and select continue.
    7.) Go back to Toderas and get your next red mutagen. You may need to go to Mulbrydale and meditate till the next morning and then fast travel back to Toderas and try a couple of times before it drops, but when it does start this process from the top.

    This worked for me at level 11 – and at level 11, +20% attack power is nice.

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