Venom Extract Farming Locations | The Witcher 3

Venom Extract is an alchemy ingredient used for crafting various important items in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can get Venom Extract by defeating ghouls, and the best locations for farming it are the ghoul Monster Nests scattered throughout the world.
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This guide will show you the locations of all the ghoul nests in the game.

White Orchard

  1. East of the Crossroads signpost
  2. East of the Cackler Bridge signpost
  3. North of the Cemetery

Velen(No Man’s Land)

  1. At the Ferry Station, south of Oxenfurt
  2. At the Abandoned Site at the end of the road leading east from the Ferry Station
  3. Northwest of the Ferry station, across the water from Oxenfurt. Two nests.
  4. Directly south of the Stonecutters’ Settlement.
  5. At the Boatmakers’ Hut, southeast of Crow’s Perch.
  6. On the road from Crow’s Perch to Troll Bridge. The ghouls are level 9.
  7. Northeast of Crow’s Perch, past the Burned Ruins and across the road.



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