Missing In Action


Missing in action is a Secondary Quest that is available in White Orchard via a Notice Board. You can help a soldier find the corpse of his brother who was killed in a recent battle.
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Key Facts

Location:White Orchard
Category:Side Quest
Reward:25XP Points

Quest Text

As it turned out, Geralt was not alone in searching White Orchard for a lost loved one. The Witcher also found the notice of a peasant who was seeking his brother. The brother had left home to take up arms against Nilfgaard. The forces of the North and the Black Ones had then clashed in a great battle near the brothers’ home village, and the peasant had not heard from his brother since.

Starting NPC

Name: White Orchard – Notice Board

White Orchard – Notice Board map location

Additional Info

This quest is marked as Brother Missing on the Notice Board, but once you pick it up it is Missing in Action in your journal.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find Dune Vildenvert

Talk Dune in the Ransacked village and agree to help him find his brother Bastien. Follow Dune as he goes to the site of a recent battle. Talk to him – he will tell you that his brother’s shield has a small flower painted on it.

Dune Vildenvert sitting next to his farm

Map showing location of Dune Vildenvert

Meet Dune at the battlefield’s overlook

Look for Temerian shields with white flowers painted on them.

Go down to the objective area and use your Witcher Senses to inspect the shields. There are ghouls in the area, scavenging for flesh, so be on your toes.

There is a burned corpse lying alone in the southwestern corner, go to it and examine the body. It is not Bastien, but Bastien’s dog will pick up his scent and run off.

There are several shields around that match the description. Go for the one found next to a burned body.

Exact location of the shield you’re looking for is on the map above (player’s arrow marks the location).

Follow the dog’s trail.

Follow the dog as he makes way to a nearby cabin. You will find Bastien talking to a deserter called Rhosyn. You now have to choose what to do with the Niflgaardian deserter.

You have a choice to make, which is purely moral, since the in-game rewards are the same.
Choice 1

Side with Dune and abandon the soldier.

Reward is 25XP
Choice 2

Agree with Bastien and let Rhosyn alive.

Reward is 25XP and You can meet Rhosyn, Dune and Bastien alive later on at their farm.
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