Witcher 3 Mod Tools Released

CD Projekt RED have released the mod tools for The Witcher 3, and you can download them over on NexusMods. You have to own the game for the tools to work, as they’ll allow you to change textures, meshes and scripts that determine how objects behave.

witcher 3 mod kit released
The devs have released four example mods as well, to show you how certain aspects of the tools work.
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One of them focuses on replacing textures on Geralt’s outfit, the other modifies and replaces Roach’s meshes and textures, while the last two teach you to create new and modify existing scripts.

There’s also a board on CDP Red forums dedicated to these tools and the surrounding discussion. Go now, and make weird, beautiful stuff. Turn Geralt into Batman. Change his gender. Let him ride an elephant and wear make-up. Create a quest that involves the Power Rangers. Do your worst.

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