Mysterious Tracks


Mysterious Tracks is a contract in which you’ll have to help a hunter find out the source of some troubling tracks in the forest.

Key Facts

  • Chort Hide
  • Chort Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board

Additional Info

The best way to start this contract is to go to Lindenvale and check the Notice Board there.
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Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the hunter.

At the Notice Board in Lindenvale you’ll see a notice from a hunter who spotted some strange tracks in the woods. Head to the southeastern side of the Village and speak with the hunter, who will tell you that the beast in question is huge and killed several wolves. You can barter to get a higher reward if you want. Accept the contract and head into the forest.

Search the forest.

Head southeast, past a ramshackle cottage next to an oak tree, then get off the path and kill the arachas that are feasting on the corpses you need to inspect. There are many wolf corpses and the tracks that lead from them are huge. Follow them to an embankment to the southwest, then climb up it and follow them to an oak tree. Examine it to see that the beast left some fur on it. Follow the scent to the southeast, around a large mound, to a cave entrance that is too high up to be reached from your position. Next to the entrance is a large pile of feces from a fiend.

Find a way into the cave.

Climb up to the area above the cave opening and search for a hole in the ground, close to some old oak trees. Jump down into the hole.

Explore the cave using your Witcher Senses.

You’ll find yourself on a high ledge in the cave. Jump down to the cave floor and inspect:
  • the corpse of the fiend that died recently; in his mouth you’ll find tufts of fur of various colors
  • tracks that are too small for a fiend and pools of blood that indicate a savage fight.
It appears that you’re hunting a chort, but it isn’t here. You’ll have to use bait to lure him in.

Acquire fiend dung to prepare the bait.

You’ll get the Chort Lure potion formula, for which you will need:
  • 1 Fiend’s Dung
  • 2 Crow’s Eye
The ingredients can all be gathered in the vicinity, just bear in mind that Crow’s Eye is a plant.

Pour the bait around the hill (4).

Once you’ve made the potion, go to the entrance you used to go into the cave and look at your minimap to find the four locations at which you’ll need to spray some bait (by placing the potion in your Potions slot).

Wait in the cave for the chort to catch the scent.

Jump down into the cave and wait for the chort to appear.

Kill the chort.

The chort you’ll have to deal with is a Howler. Consult your bestiary for combat tips. The Howler is vulnerable to the Devil’s Puffball bomb and the Relict potion.

Take a trophy from the chort and collect your reward.

Once you’ve killed the chort, loot its body and take the trophy and the ingredients from it. Return to the hunter in Lindenvale and inform him of your deeds. He’ll give you your reward and the contract will be completed.
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