New Horse Gear in Blood and Wine | Witcher 3

Horse Gear are the items you can equip on your horse in The Witcher 3. A handful of new horse items have been added in Blood and Wine, the latest expansion.
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There are new saddles, saddlebags and horse blinders that can make Roach look like the horses of Toussaint knights, with brightly shining armor and vividly colored plumes. This guide is going to show you new horse gear in Blood and Wine, what it looks like and where to find it.

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Blood and Wine Horse Gear

The two easiest ways to get horse gear are by purchasing it from merchants and winning races. If you’ve got cash to spare, checking out the local traders is always a good idea. Hovewer, horse racing prizes almost always include some piece of equipment for your equine friend. These also tend to be better than anything you can buy on the street. We’re going to update the guide with a full list of items, their stats and locations as soon as the DLC is out.

The downside is that the new horse gear won’t really match your witcher outfits. It’s a great fit for the full plate armor of the knights errant, but your costumes are less… radiant, and the difference might bother you.




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    Whoever made that video is an idiot. They are slow as shit, don’t even move the camera to show the gear, and skipped one on accident.

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    The Blood and Wine expansion horse gear can be bought from the armorer at the Tourney Grounds in Toussaint.

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