Peace Disturbed


Peace Disturbed is a crypt-cleansing secondary quest available on Skellige Isles.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Skellige Women

Additional Info

To take this quest, follow a dirt track north of the Crossroads signpost,southeast of Kaer Trolde Harbor.
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It will take you to an entrance to a crypt, where two women will inform you that they are collecting nails from corpses to build cursed longships with. They want you to clear the crypt of ghosts so they could enter and pilfer the nails from the corpses inside.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Enter the tomb.

When you enter the crypt, you’ll have candles on the lids of the many tombs which you will be able to light.

Kill the monsters on the lower level of the tomb.

Go into the tunnel to the northeast, down the stairs, and kill the wraith in the corner.

Continue going down and slay the two wraiths in the next chamber. Then head into the tunnel to the north – it leads to the lowest level of the crypt. There you will find two wraiths and a nightwraith. Kill the latter and the ordinary wraiths will disappear.

Talk to the women waiting outside.

Return to the two woman to inform them that the crypt has been cleansed of ghosts. They will perform a sacrifice to Freya in your name.
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