Shock Therapy


Shock Therapy is a secondary quest in the Skellige Isles, in which you will have to help a druid’s friend to speak again.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Gwent Card: Iorveth

Quest Text

Though druids have gained fame worldwide as outstanding healers, even with all their spells and elixirs they at times prove powerless against diseases.
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Such was the case with Egill – a druid who had lost his voice. His friend decided that, since traditional methods had failed, it was time to try newer, more innovative approaches. It fell to Geralt to test them.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Eeast from the sacred oak Gedyneith, near a small entrance to a cave, you will run into a druid. He’s concerned for his friend Egill, who refuses to speak to anyone. If you can coax Egill into speaking again, the druid promises to give you an excellent Gwent card.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Go visit Egill.

Egill is sitting by his campfire, down the road and in the forest. He will not be interested in talking to you, so you’ll have to scare him.

Keep trying to scare the druid until he recovers his voice (3).

To scare the druid into talking with you, you’ll have to perform three steps.

  • Walk to Egill’s pots and pans and use Aard on them to make them clatter.
  • Find the hornet’s nest on the tree stump close to Egill, then use Aard to blow the hornets out and have them swarm toward Egill.
  • Blow out Egill’s campfire using Aard.
The silent druid will then lash out at you, snapping out of his self-imposed silence.

Return to the druid who gave you the task.

Go back to Egill’s friend and tell him you were successful. He’ll laugh at all the trouble you’ve caused Egill and will give you your reward.
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    Thank you for this so much. I couldnt figure out what to do with the intractable objects.

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    Thanks this was hard to figure out on one’s own. Great article.

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    I couldn’t use aard on the campfire though, so I just extinguished it instead and it worked fine.

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      when you extinguish it you use aard.

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    I cannot find the Druid after returning. I’ve tried meditating for 24 hours and still nothing works!

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