Skellige’s Most Wanted


Skellige’s Most Wanted is the Witcher Contract available in the free DLC Witcher program. You can accept this contract from the notice board in the small village of Fyresdal, in the southeast of the main Skellige Island.
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Key Facts

Location:The Skellige Isles

Quest Text

During his time in the village of Fyresdal Geralt learned of a contract on a monster said to have attacked a merchant and his cart. The merchant in question was very insistent that a witcher investigate this matter and kill the beast.

Starting NPC


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Search the attack site using your Witcher Senses.

Examine the old man and the horse.

Find the place where the boulder started.

Follow the monster’s tracks using your Witcher Senses.

Be ready to fight a group of level 27-28 enemies. The objective ends once you find their secret hideout.

Go to the conspirators’ meeting spot at night.

I found them at 10:00 PM.

Defeat the werewolf.

Find the person who posted the contract.

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  1. C

    when i defeat the werewolf the game doesnt let me finnish .the werewolf just stands there an doesnt die.because of this i can not finish the quest .an ive tried like 10 times

    1. C

      Yeah…. happening to me too, and after update 1.07 on Xbox One. Ive gone back to a save game and ill just keep trying once in a while till its fixed. Make sure you SAVE BFORE GOING INTO THE GROVE AT THE END !!!!! That way you can recall and just skip till later. Ive tried killing werwolf (he just walks to the same spot howling forever, can’t hit with sword, grenade will make him fall over but you still hear the howling and you have an empty ‘werewolf’ health bar stuck on your screen. Tried fast travel to get rid of it, killing other mobs, everything. No good. Best to SAVE before going into final part, and just recall that saved game if it doesn’t work yet.

  2. S

    Patch 1.08 still not able to complete

  3. J

    1.10 still not working

  4. B

    Quest worked just fine for me on 1.11 FYI, those with issues may want to try again.

  5. A

    BTW guys, always ask the quest giver for the highest fee. He is probably the only witcher contract giver that is willing to give the highest haggle fee possible

    1. T

      Of course he does! The contract giver is the doppler from the group of monsters at the end of the quest. It was all a set up.

  6. R

    Working fine on 1.22 too. Actually I don’t recall ever having problem with this quest. And I’ve followed the updates and DLCs pretty tightly.
    Also good find Andy!

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