Stranger In A Strange Land


Stranger in a Strange Land is a secondary quest available in Skellige Isles. Bring your prison uniform.
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Key Facts

Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Jorund

Additional Info

You can go on this quest only after you’ve completed The Phantom of Eldberg witcher contract.

Go to the village of Arinbjorn and speak with Jorund at his longhouse tavern. When the conversation ends, two warriors will approach, intent on giving you a hard time. You can choose your conversation options whichever way you like, the talk will always end in combat.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Defeat the warriors who picked a fight with you.

Your fight with the two warriors, Kori and Kraki, will result in Kori killing Jorund. Kill the two brutes after that, then go out and face the angry mob.

See what’s happening outside.

You’ll have to stand trial for your “crime”, which will be presided by the jarl, known as Madman Lugos.

Get out of prison.

You’ll end up in prison, stripped of your possessions. Speak to a man called Simun Brambling, who will only talk of the need to escape from the prison. Head to the guard at the prison gate and speak with him. Your trial has been postponed for a year at least. You have three options.
Choice 1

Confuse the guard and get him to let you out.

You will need Axii Delusion Level 3 for this.
Choice 2

Talk to Simun.

He’ll help you convince the guard to let you out, but you’ll owe him a favor. You’ll later get An Unpaid Debt secondary quest from him.
Choice 3

Start a fight with the prisoners.

Beat the prisoners to impress the guards and they’ll let you see Lugos.

Speak with the Jarl.

You’ll find the Jarl talking with Leif, who is begging him to take off your head. The Jarl will ask you for your opinion, say whatever you wish. You’ve been sentenced to death by suffocation. Or you can pay Kori and Kraki’s weight in silver.

Fortunately, the Jarl will pay in your stead, but you will be in his debt. This will start The Cave of Dreams secondary quest.

If you’ve already completed that quest, the Jarl will simply let you go. The quest is over.
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  1. M

    I was actually able to solve this peacefully and therefore I didn’t have a chance to get to prison. :/

    1. R

      You can’t just say that and not tell us HOW? >.>

      1. E

        Nothing happens to you or Jorund if you kill Lugos before you start the phantom quest, you just…walk right out, no buzz.

      2. T

        If you do the King’s Gambit quest first, Blueboy Lugos and the others will be dead, só you won’t be able to entre de Cave of Dreams quest, thus those two pricks in the tavern bothering you and preventing Jorund from dying

  2. D

    Actually you can do the quest just not turn it in (or walk into the bar a second time where the fight breaks out).
    If you wait until the second castle event where many people die (do other sides/contracts prior) + both siblings quest possession/ice giant, choosing either the girl or the son makes you kill lugos.

    The trigger is either that party or defeating the Ice giant where those two won’t show up.

    Jorund has a few lines of conversation in his hometown post coronation iirc like all the jarls including crazy boat guy who can show up to 2nd castle event if game doesn’t glitch (quicksave/reload like Triss’s mage friend burning @ pyre or alchemist merchant in graveyard) but nothing else other than avoiding the deaths of people you wouldn’t otherwise meet.

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