Taken As A Lass


Taken as a Lass is one the many secondary quests available in Skellige Isles. This one will see you going in search of the kidnapped sister of a Skellige warrior.
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Quest Text

While visiting Freya’s temple on the isle of Hindarsfjall Geralt met a woman named Kurisu who told him how she had managed to escape the clutches of a band of ruthless pirates who had kidnapped her. Who would have imagined a frame so slender could hold such bravery? Perhaps one day I shall write a ballad about her -“Kurisu, Kurisu, full of courage and daring-do…”

Starting NPC

Name: Warrior

Additional Info

On the eastern shore of Ard Skellig, close to the Distillery signpost, there is a campsite by a small boat and a jetty. There you’ll find a Skellige warrior being beset by two pirates. Defeat the pirates, then talk to the warrior.

It appears that he is searching for his sister who was kidnapped by pirates. Tell him you’ll look for her.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find the pirate ship.

His sister, Kurisu, is on the eastern island of Hindarsfjall. Get a boat an sail for the island, then disembark at its southwestern shore, between Lofoten and the Isolated Hut.

There is a tiny island off the coast from there, with the wreck of a longship on it. Get there and slay the six sirens that will attempt to kill you. Inspect the island with your Witcher Senses if you want, or head straight for the deck of the wrecked ship. Search the deck for a chest with a note in it, a message from Kurisu.

Look for Kurisu at Freya’s temple.

Kurisu is apparently a priestess of the Goddess Freya. Return to Hindarsfjall and head northeast to Freya’s Garden. A path to the east from there will lead you to Kurisu. She is at the mouth a cave leading to an altar chamber and a shop. She will tell you how she escaped the pirates and wow to reunite with her brother. The quest has come to a close.
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