The Apiarian Phantom


The Apiarian Phantom is a Witcher Contract in which you’ll have to get rid of a phantom that is destroying the hives at Novigrad’s renowned meadery.

Key Facts

  • Lesser Red Mutagen
  • Wild Hunt Hound Trophy
  • Jar of Honey
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board

Additional Info

To start this contract, go to Beanston and read a message on the Notice Board there.
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The Honeyfill apiary is beset by a phantom who is destroying the hives.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Ask Holofernes Meiersdorf about the contract on the Apiarian Phantom.

Head southwest from Beanston, across the fields of sunflowers until you reach the stone arch that is the entrance to the Honeyfill Meadworks. Go into the main building and look for Master Meiersdorf in the grand hall. He’ll tell you that he knew someone would come to help him and will describe how a farmhand died of something that looked like frostbite. Barter for a better price if you wish, then accept the contract and follow Holofernes.

Follow the halfling.

Holofernes will go through the mansion and the gardens, into the field where the farmhand died.

Examine the area in search of clues.

Use your Witcher Senses to find:
  • Dried wood that is several days old
  • Frost-covered hive.
  • Footprints that lead to a lake nearby.

Follow the footprints.

Follow the footprints until they disappear in a large puddle, then head left along the edge of a small lake while fighting around six drowners that will rise from the water.

Search the area around the lake using your Witcher Senses.

Now use your Witcher Senses along the lake’s southeastern edge and find the footprints again.

Follow the tracks.

Follow them to the east, until you reach the entrance to a basement under a ruined brick structure. The entrance is too narrow for you to enter. Go to the house’s eastern side to find a set of steps that lead down to a large double door made of wood. The door is locked. At that point Holofernes will appear behind you and inform you that the house was met for one of sons, but they couldn’t afford to finish it.

Open the basement.

You will then be able to enter the basement filled with icicles. A hound of the Wild Hunt will run past you.

Chase down and kill the fleeing beast.

Run up the steps and summon Roach, then go into a gallop and follow the hound. Give it a few slashes with your silver sword, then dismount and finish it off.

Defeat the hound of the Wild Hunt.

Consult your Bestiary to see the best tactics for fighting this beast. The hound is vulnerable to Dimeritium bomb, Elementa oil, and Igni and Axii signs.

Take a trophy from the hound of the Wild Hunt.

Once you’ve bested the hound, loot its corpse and take everything from it.

Collect your reward from Holofernes Meiersdorf.

Return to the Honeyfill estate and meet with the family awaiting you by the signpost. You’ll receive a sizeable reward for your troubles and the contract will be completed.
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