Swamp Thing


Swamp Thing is a Witcher Contract in which you’ll have to navigate a bog riddled with illusions in order to rid the world of a gruesome creature and help a poor peat farmer.

Key Facts

  • Foglet Tooth
  • Foglet Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Leslav

Additional Info

To start this contract go west of The Orphans of Croockback Bog village and look for a villager lone villager that is harvesting peat in the marshes.
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He’ll call you for help.

His name is Leslav and this is where he stores the peat he gathers from the marsh. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that there is a monster in the bog that snatches anyone who dares enter the mist. Ask about the monster some more, then barter for a higher reward if you wish. Accept the contract.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find out what’s killing people in the fog.

Head roughly south across the bog. Approach the nearest objective area and taste the metallic odor pervading the air. Keep going to Peat Lodge. When you reach it, inspect it with your Witcher Senses to find:
  • a corpse whose weapon wasn’t drawn. the monster surprised him
  • a decomposed corpse next to the stone ruins nearby
Now head east across the bog, to the second objective area. You’ll find some nekkers there. When you kill them, use both your Witcher Senses and the Eye of Nehaleni to inspect the area.

With your Witcher Senses you’ll find out that a few of the corpses have claw marks that are different. There are also no thracks around the corpses. Use the Eye of Nehaleni to discover and remove a magic wall. Then use your Witcher Senses to find tracks that were camouflaged with magic. You’re apparently tracking an old foglet.

Navigate the illusions to find the foglet.

Follow the tracks through the swamp. If you get lost at any moment, retrace your steps back to the Peat Lodge and follow them again. The tracks head roughly to the south. Back at the Peat Lodge, you’ll have at least two foglets to kill. When you’re at the Lodge, search for a corpse that has heavily decomposed. You might want to follow the smell emanating from it – it leads roughly to the south.

Make your way to a small foul-smelling pond. Kill the foglet there, then take a look at the entrance to a cave that is blocked by a huge boulder. Now use the Eye of Nehaleni to discover that it is really an illusion. Dismiss it and enter the foglet’s cave.

If you keep right once you’re in the cave and deal with three foglets that will block your path down the main tunnel. If you decide to go up the other side, you’ll find yourself back at the bog and beset by the drowned dead. You’ll have at least six of them to kill before you can head across a pond that is close to the cave’s exit and kill the three foglets there.

If you keep leftt once you’re in the cave, you’ll run into the foglet that has been springing all these illusions on you. Unsheathe your sword and prepare to kill Ignius Fatuus.

Kill the foglet.

Take a look at the entry for foglets in your Bestiary to find information on how to defeat the creature before you. The foglet is vulnerable to Moon Dust bomb, Necrophage oil, and Quen sign.

Take a trophy from the foglet’s body.

Once you’ve bested the foglet, loot its lifeless corpse and take the trophy and the ingredient.

Collect the reward for the foglet.

Head back to Leslav and inform him that the monster has been dealt with. If you’ve managed to get a better price for the contract, you’ll have to come back several times to get your full payment. The contract will be marked as completed the first time he pays you.
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